Why the Next X-Box Might Not Matter - OR - Schlieffen Poké Battles

By Zach Fox

Microsoft pulled off something very strange with the X-Box 360. Something quite special and positively unique: it didn’t piss anyone off. Not really anyway.

PlayStation vs. Microsoft pitiable fanboy patheticness aside, the X-Box 360 performed a veritable Houdini act by both being there (to the tune of roughly 70 Million sales worldwide and a very creditable 2nd place this generation) and also not there for everyone else. No matter what was owned or preferred, the Wii was omnipresent enough to be noticeable, whether for better or worse. The 360 though was a little like Switzerland, amicably standing by, picking up the odd shell from a PS3-headed attack, while making a metric ton of money.

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Gimmemorebubblez1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Anyway here is why Microsoft got themselves into a hole in my opinion.

If Microsoft includes a Kinect Sensor in the Nextbox they will probably cut back on specs of the Xbox making it weaker than Sony and/or Valves offering.

At the start of this gen the Xbox 360 had many unsual but good quality games unfortuanately besides an avalanche of new Kinect titles, they have all but dried up besides Halo and Gears. Sony on the other hand has pushed many new AAA ips that can be used next gen.

Xbox live is a rippoff compared to Sony's Playstation Plus and I can guarentee that overall most savvy people who swithched to Ps3 due to the better and more cost effective experiance will probably stay with Sony based on their although bumpy, overall good track record this gen.

If Microsoft want to make a media hub for the living room they will fail. Has anyone heard of Samsungs Smart TV, it does everything and more than the Xbox 360, it even has an arm flailing recognition system like the Kinect and Smart TV's will come down in price. Microsoft has alot of cash (unlike its rivalsTthey must focus on creating games because that is what the Xbox was made for in the first place.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

ps4 next to my pc and I am done..

Ezz20131980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

the thing that really piss me off before i got ps3 two years ago
i was an extreme xbox fanboy
that's because at that time was better and when i pay for it didn't bother me because i knew it was better than psn but now psn offer much better experiance with alot of deals and sh1t load of free games etc. and when i don't want to pay for psn+ i will still get to play online for free

2.2006-2008 xbox360 offer games were just amazing and look better than any thing ps3 has to offer but since late 2008 till now and for sure 2013
ps3 have been kicking a** all the way with non stop exclusives and new Ip's
they are just amazing
and since 2008 till now they keep get GOTY awards and gfx awards every single year
and still not matched in gfx till today on consoles
while xbox keep getting worse every single year since 2008 and they keep bring out the same 3 games which all feel the same
just look at the exclusives games for ps3 in 2013 and look at xbox360 exclusives in 2013
and ask your self which campony you should support

i know i will get alot of disagrees and maybe lose bubble
all of that is my opinion
well some of it are facts
any way don't think i'm just ps3 fanboy who hate xbox
i don't
i'm just saying why i lost faith in Xbox
my gametag: EZZ
my Psn : Ezz

Yi-Long1980d ago

Microsoft lost me these last 3-4 years, where their focus went to Kinect and Apps for the dashboard, instead of putting their money behind new original IPs.

I think I'll stick with Sony next gen (OS3 was my very first Sony console, and after a (very) slow start, they improved very much these last 2/3 years. Sony has kept it all about GAMING, which is what I want from a console.

And PSN Plus makes Xbox Live Gold look very very bad indeed.

The best thing about the 360 these last few years has been the great XBLA games, like Super Meat Boy, Fez, Trials Evo, ilomilo, etc.

I'm hoping that OUYA will take that role that XBLA has now, so I can buy that system to enjoy great arcade-games of the quality we have seen on the 360/PS3.

And I'm looking forward to seeing what the Valve/Steam-box will do, and considering I have more faith in Valve than I have in MS when it comes to gaming and value fo money and gamers' rights, that will probably be the system I'll replace my Xbox with.

Microsoft has clearly chosen a direction which I'm unwilling to follow them with.

Sony has actually earned my trust these last few years.

And I'm hoping OUYA and Valve's system will be worth investing in.

PopRocks3591980d ago

I agree with just about everything you've said; I share pretty much all of these concerns. Bubble up for you sir.

Hingle_Mcringleberry1980d ago

Not sure I understand why you're concerned. Far as I can tell, you have already jumped ship and now game primarily on Playstation. Why would anything about Microsoft's next console have you concerned, especially in the face of Valve's new console also coming into the fray?

PopRocks3591980d ago


Funny you say that, I'm primarily a Nintendo fan lol.

Thing is I used to be a big Xbox gamer. It's not like I WANT to hate the platform mind you, but with Kinect supposedly built in this time and no sign of Xbox Live's price going down, it doesn't bode well for my interest.

But this is just a preference of mine. Hardly suggesting other people need to agree with it.

Belking1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Your post is just full of inaccuracies. I have samsung smart tv and it's good, but it's nothing like kinect. The tv you are referring to is called smart interaction. Kinect 2 abilities surpass anything those tv can do anyway as of right now.

Plus, there are other brand tvs that have smart tv too. Tvs aren't gonna replace game consoles anytime soon. At least not at those prices.

sandman2241980d ago

I think the next Xbox will do better than the wii u. I'm sure it's going to be a great game console. I'm more interested in what Sony is going to do to compete with Microsoft. I can't wait till Microsoft/Sony release official word on there next console.

DivineAssault 1979d ago

Not interested if they dont have any good core exclusives.. Not Halo & Gears either..

gamern4g1979d ago

I have them both, xbox360 is laggi with new games, it aint as powerfull as is ps3.