IGN-Kinect Party Review

IGN:Kinect Party is a great game that’s really fun to play. It doesn’t require much more than your attention and the permission to let your guard down. Once you buy in and let the grins come, you’ll be surprised at the trade off that occurs, you playing Kinect Party, and it playing you.

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Root1979d ago

Really...a game like, FOR EXAMPLE, Playstation All Stars gets an 8 but shovelware like this which has been done to death gets an 8.5

How do reviews scores work sometimes I have no idea...I know it's all about differnt genres but come on

coolbeans1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

You're complaining about scores for two games analyzed by two different reviewers, in completely different genres, and two different price ranges (Edit: Kinect Party is free).

Your argument doesn't seem to have a semblance of cogency.

GearSkiN1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

I'm with u. Why bitch about thia game its a different kind genre.

Chuk51979d ago

They aren't even the same reviewer. And the reviewer of All-Stars really likes the game. A lot.

FanMan1979d ago

some of it really resembles eyetoy form ps2.

CommonSenseGamer1979d ago

Eyetoy games provided som great family fun so I have no problem with the game.

SaffronCurse1978d ago

Bring some friends over, gets some beer, some weed and have fun.