Insomniac’s ‘LEAP’ of faith: OXCGN’s FUSE interview


"Providing some additional information regarding how FUSE works, Brian discusses the difficulties involved with developing a cross-platform game after Insomniac Games worked exclusively on Sony consoles, and explains the process of the game’s change from its original title Overstrike when it was originally announced.

He also goes on to explain how the LEAP feature makes the co-op gameplay different to other shooters."

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BadCircuit1977d ago

Having read that, I kind of wish they had stayed "James Bond"-like instead of too similar to other future or sci fi shooters.

Proeliator1977d ago

I think it has a chance. I just hope it doesn't flop like Resistance 3...

akaakaaka1977d ago

Resistance 3 has one of the best single player fps campaign ever made and the gameplay is fun..
If you meant sales, well I bet it will sale good enough ..

Thatguy-3101977d ago

It will flop. Take a look at the games it will go up against with. GTA, the last of us, God of War, Bioshock, Tomb Raider etc. Plus it has failed to garner any hype what so ever. Honestly what were they thinking?

j-blaze1977d ago

yeah like ppl will play those 5 game you listed the freaking whole year! you wouldn't say nonsense like that if the game was ps3 exclusive and seriously? Tomb Raider? lol
Sony didn't care about Insomniac, advertising was poor and their games kept performing bad sales wise ...i think MS should buy Insomniac along with THQ

ABizzel11977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )


I don't think it will flop, like you said it's going to have a rough go no matter what. Releasing in the first 1/2 of the year means there's vicious competition EVERY month.

Releasing in the last 1/2 means potential new console hype burying it.

For me it looks like Resistance 2 co-op meets Syndicate, which seems fun, but $60? Not to me. I'll get probably when it hits $20, there's just too much coming out next year.

They should have stuck with the original design, and tried to get it out this year, and not 2013.

DigitalRaptor1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

@ j-blaze

GTA V is a juggernaut and people will be playing that game for many months if not years. BioShock Infinite is another fantastic piece that earns replayability just like the first game did - an astoundingly deep story with many layers and facets of pure storytelling and gameplay ingenuity and greatness. God of War has multiplayer so if you don't fancy replaying its great campaign, like many do, you can have at that for as long as you like. I played the Uncharted games again throughout the year because they're a blast and also have enjoyable multiplayer. The Last of Us will be the same due to its dynamic gameplay systems, wide linear approach, item management and player choice. Tomb Raider? I'm looking forward to it and it looks a whole lot better than FUSE, and like dcboy said, the game has no hype. I wonder if that's also Sony's fault? To you, probably.

Very few of Insomniac's games sold poorly (more than a million sales is not poor, unless you're Activision or Take Two). They wanted to expand from their existing IPs and the audience of a single platform. So no, I think they picked the right partner with EA.

yesmynameissumo1977d ago

Resistance 3's sales had zero impact on my enjoyment of one of the best SP campaigns in a FPS.

gaminoz1977d ago

I really would have preferred a less generic looking title. I think the spy thing would have worked more, so I don't know why they shied away from it.

I do like the Brute Force-like swapping through players though.

kostchtchie_1977d ago

how hard can it be? you start with Ps3 port it to 360, oh wait or will you do it the botched way insomniac 360 > Ps3

to be honest they have never had proper art direction in there shooters, and this complete change around does not surprise me, as for the co-op looks just like any other but with there own twist on it

Grimhammer001977d ago

I agree. Feels like syndicate & vanquish had a baby.
And for me that's glorious! When it comes to co-op...syndicate was amazing! Loved the ton of unlockjs and objective gameplay. vanquish art was cool...mechs are cool.

I just hope that it indeed has varying ai and objectives for replay value.

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