Why Games in 2012 Are Measured Against Skyrim's Dave Walsh takes a look at Skyrim and why it has become a measuring stick for games in 2012 and beyond.

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Kalowest1916d ago

Liking back at Skyrim, it was nothing special. It got boring bring 100hrs, I haven't played the game since it came out last year. I've played FFXIII, Blue Dragon, and Lost Odyssey longer than Skyrim.

fossilfern1916d ago

I agree to a point. I did enjoy Skyrim and I spent over 100 hours on it but it has been streamlined and I fear for the future of Elder Scrolls.

I really wish they'd do another Daggerfall and we can just explore the whole empire and just do more. Daggerfall was the pinnacle of the series and I don't think it will ever be topped unless they do some sort of remake.

greenpowerz1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

best game ever made. best value for the money. learn how to play it.

Tr10wn1916d ago

well that means only one thing, you like jrpgs lol skyrim is awesome and the bunch of awards and fan base prove that point.

Kalowest1915d ago

Actually I like/play all RPGs, doesn't matter who makes it or where it come from.

Vladplaya1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Played it for about 8 hours, got bored out of my mind, just A LOT of mediocrity and bugs, and that's after I bought it year later after release and installed crap load of mods that improved and fixed bunch of things. Still wasn't impressed.

NukaCola1916d ago

I am a Fallout fan more than a Elder Scrolls fan, but I enjoy Skyrim. I personally was disappointed by Oblivion after the amazing Morrowind, and I think this is a step in the right direction. The game has technical issues, but the team is doing something right and that is perfecting a living world. It's more about the unmarked quests that make Skyrim so amazing. Finding a note on a bench somewhere and 2 hours later you are deep on a really epic adventure. What Bethesda needs to do is make a game and then beta test the hell out of it for many weeks before release. Yes, there are some boring moments like in any game, but I do feel they did a good job. Oh I am playing this on PS3, so I can't speak for the DLC. :/

I can't wait for Fallout 4 more than anything. FO3 and New Vegas are some of my favorite games this generation.

cpayne931916d ago

Annoying thing about Oblivion was the level scaling. After 40 hours into the game some of the enemies are just as hard as they were at the beginning. Doesn't make sense as an rpg.

NukaCola1916d ago

I agree. It's because they have the enemies balance out as you progress. The idea is cool for something like Borderlands with the MORE FRIENDS, HARDER ENEMIES, BETTER LOOT style, but yeah, it seems like you never get powerful enough.

ProGrasTiNation1916d ago

Console skyrim 7/10
Pc skyrim with mods 10/10
Enough said!

r40k2131916d ago

I don't recall any experienced reviewers using Skyrim as a measuring stick for other unrelated games.... Well, except for Far Cry 3 but that actually became somewhat of a joke with even Ubisoft using "like Skyrim with guns" in one of their ads.