If a Multiplatform Game Features Wii U Gamepad Only, I'm Buying It

Anthony Accinelli writes, "There. I said it. I don't just like the Wii U, it's my preferred console. The reason? Simple really, the option to play on the Gamepad only."

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GraveLord1860d ago

I heard Power Rangers: Samurai Cross Force Xtreme is only playable with the Wii U gamepad. I guess you already have it pre-ordered huh?

1860d ago
SilentNegotiator1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

I can play Power Rangers on my SD screen when Daddy comes to watch baseball. Yipee!
Best feature EVER.

PopRocks3591860d ago

I'm perfectly content with buying multiplats on the Wii U even if their only unique feature is off-TV play. I love that feature and as long as it plays well, I wouldn't have much of a reason to complain.

guitarded771860d ago

I refuse to until they add a trophy/achievement system. Until then, it's just Wii U exclusives on Wii U for me. I love the gamepad, but I love trophies/achievements for replay value more.

PopRocks3591860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

That's a fair point if you care for achievements. Thing is I personally care not for them. My achievement score was reasonably large before I sold my 360 (which was at one point my primary console), but it was mostly because I just played a lot of games. I almost never completed any of the achievement lists in any of my games.

Let's agree to disagree; It really is all a matter of preference. You favor achievements and I favor off-TV play.

DA_SHREDDER1860d ago

I would agree with that, if we weren't still in this gen.

360ICE1860d ago

Well gee, mr. Obvious. Of course it's a matter of preference. But 10 internets to who ever thinks additional features are a matter of objective fact.

guitarded771860d ago

@ PopRocks359
I wasn't disagreeing with you, just saying why I'm sticking with other consoles or PC for multi-platform titles right now. I'd like to have the off screen play feature, and would use it, but Nintendo isn't really pressing the feature at the moment. There are a few reasons I won't use my Wii U for multiplatform titles right now.

1. Trophies/achievements (obviously)
2. Price (Higher on Wii U for ports right now)
3. Small Online community right now (For co-op and competitive MP, Wii U just doesn't have the install base right now)
4. Some half-assed ports (not all of them, but clearly some games like Madden didn't get very good ports... developers faults, not Nintendo)

If Wii U/3DS (Nintendo Network) had an overarching trophy system, I would even re-buy some games for Wii U, just because I enjoy re earning achievements in games like Mass Effect. I'm totally down with the off-screen play, but it's not worth sacrificing content for me. And trophies/achievements/over-all gamer profile is content to me. But I can certainly understand your preference too. Just offering my input on why I choose to not migrate to Wii U for multi-platform games. Now back to playing Chasing Aurora and Little Inferno on Wii U.

ElectricKaibutsu1859d ago

"If Wii U/3DS (Nintendo Network) had an overarching trophy system..."

felidae1859d ago

i'm so happy that there is no achievement system. now i don't have to do stupid missions to get sum stupid points :)

Neonridr1859d ago

While some achievements have merit and are fun earning. Some are clearly put in so that the developer knows you're going to have to play the game for a long time to achieve it, thus the game stays relevant to the developer for a long time. Ever seen some of the Gears of War achievements? Clearly they are just milking the game.

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solidt121860d ago

I wish all WiiU games had that option but unfortunately some games the game pad only displays menus or maps. :)

ape0071860d ago

i got my hands on the WIIU game pad and it is....Awesome, it feels very slick and very high quality

firelogic1860d ago

Except for the fact that it's a cheap piece of plastic with a low res, low quality screen that doesn't even have multi-touch.

lilbroRx1860d ago

The screen is high-res and the retail cost is over $100.

Learn the meaning of words before you use them, and learn the difference between facts and what you would like to be true.

1860d ago
PirateThom1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

It's 6.2" display, 854×480 with 158 ppi and no multitouch.

This is not high res. It's SD, 480p display.

In fact, the ppi isn't high either. A 1st gen Kindle has a higher PPI. It's about the same as a Nokia N95 or 1st gen iPhone.

It only costs that much because that's what Nintendo want to charge for it.

360ICE1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

In all fairness, the PPI is neither bad nor particularly good. Comparing it to phones doesn't quite work, nor does comparing it to TVs. You're generally closer to the screen on smaller devices, therefore the PPI should be higher on smaller screens, and they usually are.

Example: iPhone 5 = 326ppi, 1080p 42" screen = 52ppi

With a 6.2" display the Wii U is perhaps best compared to an iPad mini, which with 163 ppi on its 7.9" display has both better ppi, and a bigger screen. I'm not sure if I'd expect all that much more from the Wii U controller. The controller does its job. It looks fairly good, though it's never impressive.

But, yeah. I also kind of miss multi-touch.

solidt121860d ago

I have zero complaints about the resolution. to be honest with you when I do a AB comparison with my tv and the game pad I choose the game pad and don't see much a difference.

MasterCratosKong661859d ago

you're trying to hard buddy. this thing has been pretty durable, the screen looks great, and i honestly can't say i miss multitouch on it when i have two control sticks and ten buttons that perform functions just as well. This works especially well for me cuz i have giant hands and when i surf or play games on mobile devices i block half of the game of content just just by touching the screen.

mamotte1859d ago

...wich no other controller have. You realize the PS3 controller hasn't changed since PS1, right?

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Firebird3601860d ago

@piratethom. Wiiu gamepad is not standard definition it's enhanced definition 480p and at 6.2 inches it looks very good. The wiiu is great, the gamepad is great and it's got some awesome games on it. Everybody not interested in it needs to stop wasting their time bashing it, it's kinda pointless dont you think?

deadfrag1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

I like it too!

evilbart1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

People are disagreing with you cause you like the gamepad really? the hate for nintendo on n4g boggles the mind the gamepad ia amazing

ElectricKaibutsu1859d ago

They don't hate Nintendo. They just hate happiness. All happiness must be disagreed.

GreenRanger1860d ago

Don't have a Wii U yet.
Maybe Santa will bring me one.

guitarded771860d ago

Only if you're a good green ranger.

ElectricKaibutsu1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

You stay away from Rita, you hear? She's a bad egg.

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