GDC 08: More Warhawk DLC in the pipes. Single-player in the future?

Single-player was dropped from the game, but that doesn't mean it won't ever happen. "We made a strategic decision to go multiplayer only and I would be against doing a set of single-player expansion packs for Warhawk," said Dylan Jobes, Game Director for Warhawk, but, "if we look at doing single-player in the future [it would be] related to a new product." He also added that Incognito is interested in taking Warhawk beyond the current PS3 title, stating that, "if there is an opportunity that presents itself for us to further the franchise then we'll definitely take advantage of it."

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xplosneer3950d ago

Anyone see the broken mirror in on the PS blog?

C_SoL3950d ago

of a guy holding a wrench...Do u know where to find anymore pics?

Hopefully they do make a Single player story that includes the older multi player maps along with some new ones & retail it for $60. Just imagine what it would be like....."u go into enemy airspace. all of a sudden two turret missiles(ones that could go through anything) r on u"....What r u gonna do next?....eject.....thats how far I can go. The End.....

xplosneer3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

Operation Broken Mirror is the rumored name of the add on pack.


Look for the warhawk post in archives for this or last month.

As for eject: I though about that, and I think it would be overused. I would say It would have to be a SUPER SUPER SUPER slow reloading pod, much like how you collect missiles and stuff.

Da360sucks3950d ago

warhawk is the best online game out
call of duty is ok
but 2 easy
1 or 2 shot and your dead

EZCheez3950d ago

The game rocked on it's initial launch, and while add-on content would be great, he should save some single-player action for the sequel.

This game definitely deserves a sequel.

INehalemEXI3950d ago

SP would be great, Ive been wanting to play whatever they showed awhile back with the enemy AI , little ships around the huge ships etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.