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Microsoft 2013 Predictions: Xbox 720, Killer Instinct, Alan Wake 2, New Controller, Call of Duty

The Xbox 360 made a statement this generation. The original Xbox only surpassed 24 million units worldwide, and Microsoft found themselves selling a few million consoles more than Nintendo, but obviously came nowhere close to the Playstation 2. With the Xbox 360, Microsoft made a statement, and proved that they are here to stay in the gaming universe. 2013 is going to be a big year for Microsoft. With the rumors of a new console, new Kinect, and new games from Microsoft 1st parties, 2013 could prove to be the most important year for Microsoft since the launch of the Xbox 360. (Alan Wake 2, Industry, Killer Instinct 3, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Tag Invalid, Xbox 360)

blue_flowers  +   857d ago
i would love if the made a follow up game to jade empire, or rebooted the suffering.
Neoninja  +   857d ago
Would love a Jade Empire 2, but I believe bioware are the ones who would decide that. I think it would be a good launch for the next xbox, but sadly its not gonna happen.

Would be nice to get another Kameo game or a true Banjo game!
erikagarver9   857d ago | Spam
"Would be nice to get another Kameo game or a true Banjo game!"

forget it..

You think MS paid 300 Million + for Rare to make the games you like? Lol don't be silly.

I hope alan wake 2 comes to pc since it was profitable in 48 hours.

or wait 2 years? ugh hope not.. All I will have is ps4 and pc.

Call of duty? ugh...
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SJPFTW  +   857d ago
Jade Empire 2? It was a great game but cmon everyone has been begging Bioware for making Knights of the Old Republic 3!!! Mass Effect and Dragon Age does not even compare to those 2 games, and The Old Republic MMO has been a disaster.

Also do not see the need of Microsoft and Sony changing their controllers, they are really good the way they are. Adding a touch screen would just make them more bulky and gimmicy
Tr10wn  +   856d ago
"The Old Republic MMO has been a disaster"

that isnt a disaster, it was pretty good actually, the problem was EA rush them to release it and they werent ready, but if you play the game you can see the quality in it, is basically a sequel to KOTOR so i think is gonna be hard for them to do a KOTOR 3 now, if you didnt play it when it was paid to play, play it now that is free to play and do the story it was pretty good and some of the dungeons were epic for KOTOR lovers a nice example is the foundry, the game has a nice story you should give it a try.
Urusernamesucks  +   856d ago
"Also do not see the need of Microsoft and Sony changing their controllers, they are really good the way they are"

Yes they are ,but remember that their still stuck with their flaws. And all $ony and M$ can do is make them even better or more confortable.Although adding a touch screen seems like a waste of money for the companies
sikbeta  +   857d ago
Godawful mockup of the X360 controller, no way MS will put an screen in the controller just because Wii-U has it, they created smartglass for a reason
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   856d ago
There will be a screen in the middle. My MS insider has told me months ago. THERE WILL BE A SCREEN IN THE MIDDLE. REMEMBER THIS POST!

There will also be analog sticks, and trigger buttons that rumble.

Also, Perfect Dark will be a release game for Durango by Rare...

imdaboss1  +   856d ago
lame microsoft have no exclusive games..lol.alright alright calm down.ill give them 2 or 3 but thats about it..Just get the PS4 now you gettin exclusive games.
lfclee  +   856d ago
Yes that takes back to the orginal xbox brilliant.
Belking  +   857d ago
Would love a new Killer Instinct and Banjoe game. I think we will get both next year or early 2014.
MikeMyers  +   857d ago
I can see a Kinect Killer Instinct coming. Hopefully if the rumors are true Kinect 2.0 will be much more accurate and not suffer from lag. I could see that being fun with Kinect but not in it's current form.

The article points out a lack of new intellectual property on the Xbox 360 and I agree that that has to change. The Xbox 360 did start out well with unique titles like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Kameo, Viva Pinata, Condemned, Crackdown and others but the last few years that has basically grinded to a halt unless you count Kinect games and XBLA games. I don't want to see the same thing happen again where they come out strong and then coast.

I can see some tweaks to the controller but not much. They may add some sensors in it. I'd just like to see some free way of playing online, a hard drive built into every system, better media storage like bluray, ram at least 2GB but preferably 4.

All in all next year should be an exciting time with all the rumors coming. A new Playstation, a new Xbox (wasn't the original called Xbox so why would they name the next one that too?), and a new system from Valve.
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   857d ago
Predictions? why would anyone "predict" a new killer instinct on the horizon? neither rare or microsoft has shown any real interest in doing anything with the series
(mostly because their company heads have no souls and have insides made of garbage).
id call this more of a wish list.
Knight_Crawler  +   857d ago
You must be fun at parties -_-

Buzz killer.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   856d ago
ScubaSteve1  +   857d ago
Microsoft is not doing killer instinct
so idk maybe
Belking  +   857d ago
Wrong... We will at least get an arcade version on xbox live which is good enough for me.
ScubbaSteve  +   856d ago
Scuba Squad go!

I have to agree with myself on this one.

I think some people just aren't familiar with what happens after Microsoft buys a company. As a fan of old Fasa games, I won't spoil the ending for you.
DOMination-  +   856d ago
Why do you have two accounts and replying to yourself?
ScubbaSteve  +   853d ago
That's not my account it just has the same name.
DivineAssault  +   857d ago
if killer instinct makes a comeback nx gen, I WILL BUY MS new system.. I loved that game along with MK as a kid.. Bring it back! & that lil screen is cool too for huds n maps.. no need for the other gimmick features
Daver  +   856d ago
Same, Killer Instict would probably make me buy an xbox
edonus  +   857d ago
It would make no sense for MS to do a Killer Instinct. Hardcore gamers are full of $h!t, they will scream and talk like they are down and will support projects then when the project comes out leave it high and dry. Fighting games arent that popular anymore and KI is a niche franchise. Most of the love ppl have for it comes from nostalgia. Basically making a KI game would be nice but the odds of success are very heavy against it.
cervantes99  +   857d ago
Speak for yourself - I want a NEW KI. An HD remake for XBLA would be great too.

It's about software variety and MS needs to get more diverse in their catalog going forward in my opinion. We'll always have Halo, Gears, and Forza but more variety would be appreciated.
maniacmayhem  +   857d ago
Why would one fighting game from MS equal variety? I never understood this from people here on N4G.

You have other (Better) fighting games from other companies for the 360. I seriously doubt KI would be the impact or killer app MS needs.
cervantes99  +   857d ago
Anything besides another shooter would be a bit of variety - it doesn't have to be a killer app but ANYTHING would be better than another shooter.
TekoIie  +   857d ago
Alan Wake 2 please!!! One of the few games this generation which follows the 1993 rule in this: http://anongallery.org/img/...

Love the story too and cant wait to see how the story follows up from the "second ending" from the dlc :)
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BanBrother  +   857d ago
I loved it. One of my favourite games. Despite its repetitive game-play, every challenge felt different, and had great atmosphere. A true masterpiece IMO.

I never understood why gamers, mainly this gen, have been bitching about cut-scenes. Growing up with Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Final Fantasy, I LOVED when a cut-scene came up. It breaks up the game, it feels like a well earned reward.

Alan Wake (AND American Nightmare) are 2 of my favourite games this gen. Along side Bioshock, Heavy Rain and (prepares for disagrees) MGS4.
vork77  +   857d ago
stop copying Nintendo with a screen on the controler
BeAGamer  +   857d ago
stop crying
vork77  +   857d ago
sony and microsoft always copy nintendo
Trekster_Gamer  +   856d ago
If that were true then the next xbox and ps would have a few gimmicks and just a little more horsepower. And they would need to make there OS run slower than it does now and also they would need to make use of the first hour or more of their shiny new consoles by updating the OS! Oh and also have right from the get go a slew of old old titles from the original Xbox and PS1 era to download and play!

hellvaguy  +   856d ago
"sony and microsoft always copy nintendo"

Wiiu's "new" dual analog controller says hi.
animegamingnerd  +   857d ago
yes because we don't anyone to try improved upon a great idea and make it better
RuleofOne343  +   856d ago
Wasn't that Dreamcast who in some crazy way concocted the idea first.
Sp1d3ynut  +   856d ago
Yes....and designed by future XBOX people.
maniacmayhem  +   857d ago
A fighting game that is exclusive to one console won't make it big and especially a title that had a small niche following like Killer Instinct.

It wouldn't be worth MS's time or money to invest in such a game. If anything release maybe an HD upgrade to XBL and see how it sells on there. If the sales are high and the level of interest is set then MAYBE make a full update retail version of the game.

But I really doubt that the fighting community and especially Xbox fans want a KI.
QuantumWake  +   857d ago
I would go absolutely crazy if they announced an Alan Wake 2! MAKE IT HAPPEN! :D
BanBrother  +   857d ago
Probably the ONLY game that would guarantee a day one purchase from me. Don't get me wrong, I love Halo and Gears, but I can live without them for a while.

One of my favourite games of all time, not just this gen.
mr_kubrick  +   856d ago
Best Atmosphere ever. The Chase through the woods in the night was stunning.
BitbyDeath  +   857d ago
I doubt either MS or Sony will go down the path of having a screen on the controller.

Gamers don't want that.
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chillhomie  +   857d ago
Please, speak for yourself. "Gamers don't want that" no, YOU don't want that and I'm sure many others don't want it either but not all gamers feel that way. Some people are open minded about asymmetric gameplay and the possibilities it can create some love it already, some wont give it a chance but the bottom line is its all about your preference. Just cause you feel a certain way about something doesn't mean everyone else feels the same exact way (it could very well be many feel the exact opposite way that you feel). The sense of entitlement from you guys is ridiculous honestly.
BitbyDeath  +   857d ago
Don't be selfish, you are the minority. One console doing it as standard is more than enough.
Why would you want to force it onto those who don't?
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chillhomie  +   857d ago
I'm not being selfish. If I didn't know any better by reading your original comment you sounded pretty selfish and also generalized all gamers. You also did it again "one console doing it is more than enough" once again, and for the last time, please speak for yourself that is merely your opinion, not fact and Not everyone agrees with that. Some believe Sony or Microsoft could possibly do a better job at asymmetric gameplay, some don't even care to see it.

I'm in the minority? I didn't even state how I felt personally about asymmetric gameplay I just stated the obvious that some are interested, some have tried it and love it, some wont give it a chance. You should really thoroughly read someones comment before stating claims.
BitbyDeath  +   857d ago
The problem is when it becomes standard it changes everything about gaming.

I don't care if it's optional. But gaming itself should not have to change to the few who want it.
dirthurts  +   857d ago
I think the slow Wii U sales speak for the gamers.
Most people aren't terribly interested in a screen on the controller.
I'm not..
chillhomie  +   857d ago
@dirthurts no those sales don't speak for all gamers especially considering they trump the ps3 and 360s first month sales did that mean that gamers weren't interested in traditional gamepads in 05-06? Hardly. You may not be interested in the wii u gamepad but the sales indicate that there are plenty that feel otherwise and that's all I was indicating. Not taking sides just defending the truth here. You should look up the sales figures for the initial month for wii, 360, ps3, 360 and wii u. The numbers don't lie. Yes the wii u is behind the wii but the surprising start shows there is interest in it. Its the close minded n4g new-age "gamers" that want to bestow their opinion on everyone else and speak on behalf of an entire gaming community that want to paint a wii u doom picture. To each his own, you guys can continue to enjoy what you want and ill continue to enjoy what I want.

Just remember, Google is your friend. Opinions aren't facts.
MadMen   857d ago | Offensive
TXIDarkAvenger  +   857d ago
Killer Instinct and Alan Wake 2? Yes please.
ToadSage  +   857d ago
This author is full of crap. He gives no reason for his belief that KI is being worked on. He knows just mentioning it will get him hits. Neither MS or Rare have the ability to make another KI. I wouldn't trust the no talents hacks at Rare to make coffee, let alone KI3. Stick to making avatars losers!
Treian  +   857d ago
alan wake 2. Please. I played the first one and almost finished the spin off game on my PC.
SITH  +   857d ago
I know it is just an artist representation, but that touch screen pad on the Xbox controller looks good. Nintendo's wii U is impressive, and shows what can be done with mating a controller and touch screen.
Dlacy13g  +   857d ago
One thing for sure... it will launch Kinect 2.0. Kinect is part of what makes the xbox 360 different from its competition. Like it or not...it will come with kinect this generation. It been successful beyond their dreams. ..they wont split the base this time.
felidae  +   856d ago
please make that mockup xbox controller happen!!
mamotte  +   856d ago
Why would someone predict a new Call of Duty? Doesnt make sense.
chukamachine  +   856d ago
Funny here.

Everyone knows ms is this.


2013 will be the same and lots of Kinect titles.

There might be one odd, surprise, but most of it will be the same and they'll go the silly dlc route again.
Veni Vidi Vici  +   856d ago
There's not one thing on that list that would make me want to buy the new Xbox. I sure hope MS is planning on better things than what's on that list.
Tzuno  +   856d ago
To hell with all i just care about Killer Instinct after that they can release "Me and my horse"
Vithar  +   856d ago
You had me at "killer instinct"
Man they need to bring back that fighter!!!
KrisButtar  +   856d ago
i hope for a new Killer Instint, but the really next to fix there d-pad for next gen, the touch screen controler looks alright but that would be a lot of money :(
LiggettP  +   856d ago
PLEASE...make Banjo Kazooie 3! Please!
MultiConsoleGamer  +   856d ago
All bullshit.
silkrevolver  +   856d ago
I'm liking the Banjo Kazooie 3 guess.
I'm playing through the first one on the 360 right now, and it still holds up.
ChronoJoe  +   856d ago
Killer instinct won't sell consoles. It was a very average fighter, and fighting games don't sell that well anyway... I doubt Microsoft would go for it.

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