Getting a Girl into Gaming

GamerFitNation: The holiday season is a time of celebration, and a time for family. During this time guys will try and get their girlfriends into gaming. Getting a girl into gaming may be the hardest thing that any gamer guy will face. Many girls want some sort of attachment; so choosing a game that has a good story will create that attachment. Another way to create attachment is by having customization. The final thing that will bring a girl into gaming would be a pretty game, if you have a bad looking game then why would any one, let alone a new gamer, want to play the game?

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Do women magazines and websites have similar stuff? "How to get your man into flower arranging" and other such crap? I think it's perfectly healthy for people to have "their own thing" in relationships which they don't share with their significant other. It's not about your girlfriend/wife or whatever enjoying gaming or whatever hobby, it's about them understanding and most importantly respecting that you enjoy it.

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