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GR: Even though there wasn't a lot to pick from, the winner turned out to be worthy of the award anyway.

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dark-hollow1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

I guess IMO from pure enjoyment, Nintendo land was the best for me.
The co-op if you have two or more guys to play is sooo enjoyable, like seriously give this game a chance if you like offline co-op "arcade" like games. the "new" series is really getting old. I'll wait for the big 3D Mario game.

dbjj120881586d ago

Can't beat Mario on his home turf!

animegamingnerd1586d ago

mario is gonna pop a cap in anyone's @$$ who does

knifefight1586d ago

"Heya! I'mma tear offa youa head anna crapdown you neckka!"

crunchychocobo1586d ago

Playing as God with the Wii U Pad is more fun than it should be.

insertcoin1586d ago

So glad this Super Mario has worked the kinks out.