Nintendo TVii now available on Wii U, no download required

That's right folks, the Nintendo TVii app is live now. You don't have to download it at all, it's already on your Wii U.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

Awesome except that Netflix isn't added to it yet. That was one of the most important ones I think.

mrbojingles1858d ago

Its on Wii U, but TVii doesn't draw content from Netflix yet. It will in the future.

tre1858d ago

Wow, I am loving this. Easy to set up with Time Warner and loads everything so fast. It needs Netflix, Provider channel editor, and On-Demand support. Not worried because they did say more support will be added over time. Overall, great application and it is free!

Ghost_of_Tsushima1858d ago

Yea that's what I was saying.

PopRocks3591858d ago

To be fair, there's a separate app for Netflix. I'm sure they'll work it in with a future update.

mrbojingles1858d ago

Yea, I heard they will early next year. Can't wait.

jmc88881858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )


Qrphe1857d ago

Call me when the DVR functionality is implemented then. Does anyone have Cox for cable? Do they know if their corresponding provider showed up on TVii? I couldn't find it.

Wolfbiker1857d ago

If you love sports then TVii is pretty sick and will come in handy during the March Madness.