Here’s a simple solution to the War Z fiasco: Don’t play it

The War Z is an absolute mess. Its developer lied to its community, it isn't that much fun and it's filled with stupid real-world microtransactions.

Here's a solution to this problem: Don't play or buy the game.

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Jaunty1766d ago

This is indeed a very simple solution. Sadly I have already bought the game -.-". Hopefully I will get a refund!

pat_11_51766d ago

Steam is giving refunds I think?

Jaunty1766d ago

Not for the guys who bought it during alpha :(

tack1291766d ago

Seriously? I thought they would considering how bad this game is becoming.

RickHiggity1765d ago

@tack129 I think He bought from hammerpoint before it made its way to steam.

zerocrossing1766d ago

"Here’s a simple solution to the War Z fiasco: Don’t play it"

Logic and sound reasoning on N4G? (Gasp)

hazelamy1766d ago

i didn't realise this was from the guy behind big rigs, explains a lot.

tack1291766d ago

Me neither, I was stunned that it's the same guy behind that infamous game.

1766d ago
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