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What To Change For Far Cry 4

Far Cry 3 is out and it is awesome. From a good and enjoyable story, to amazing characters and to thrilling gameplay, Far Cry 3 is easily one of the best games of the 2012. With an initial delay from its original release date to a time so late within the year, that it seemed like Far Cry 3 would be horrible. To our surprise though, that time was used correctly and in the end we received a great game. Right now Far Cry 3 is sitting at a 91% on metacritic with about 1.43mm sold to date.

Though for all the things that Far Cry 3 does correct, which is a ton of things, there are a couple of aspects that need to be addressed. So lets take a look at what those areas are. (Far Cry 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

JR_Texx  +   865d ago
Yes Far Cry 3 was awesome, but the endings were lacking in well an ending, So far cry 4 should give that :)
Root  +   865d ago
"Story Co-Op"

No, it got a seperate co-op camapaign that should be enough, can we please just keep it single player focused in the campaign

For me it has to be a bigger map...bigger the better I say

I would like planes and helicopters to come into it and other vehicles in the game to find as easter eggs.
KrisButtar  +   865d ago
i loved the single player, but i was thinking how cool it would have been to have the option of it being co-op
Root  +   865d ago
Games like this though don't need co-op, if your thinking that when playing then maybe the game isn't really for you. If you want to play with friends go play on a game built up around co-op like L4D or Borderlands...we have FUSE coming up aswell.

It's like when people complain about it not being in the Elder Scrolls for example despite knowing how buggy Bethesdas games already are. Some things are just not meant to be.

Lets not forget it's not that easy to add co-op in an open world game, people think developers can just throw it in there when it takes a lot of work to get it going and if it's an open world game it's going to take a lot of resources from the single player...the core part of the game which most open world games are built up on.

If a new ip came out and it was an open world game WITH co-op elements then fair enough but Far Cry wasn't.
Mutant-Spud  +   864d ago
Yeah look at Borderlands 2, in public co-op people just run off and do whatever they want which makes boss battles hard if only two people are following the missions, a huge open world isn't always fun . The co-op in FC3 is fine because it follows a popular, linear format, they've done a decent job and if they release some more co-op DLC I'll probably buy it.
Mutant-Spud  +   865d ago
So basically Just Cause in FPS, I'd buy that.
I'd like more urban areas, as in Dead island, for all it's shortcomings that game did a good job with the environments.
Root  +   865d ago
Pretty much to be honest

I wouldn't mind a cover system...but not the typical cover system in FPS, the one which was used in Deus Ex Human Revolution was great when it went into third person.

I think it would be nice to have an urban area, maybe a small modern city with a shopping center, hotels, gambling places, horse racing etc. I wouldn't mind if they give us the option to upgrade the clothes we're wearing aswell like for example buying better shoes from a sports shop would give us a speed boost....or buying moutain gear would allow us to climb or climb things quicker. I suppose though they could go into things you could upgrade though the more you do it like the muscle/stamina thing in San Andreas.
sergeantcorn  +   857d ago
planes and choppers are cool, but sometimes they can be a bit overkill, like saints row, once you have an f-69 VTOL you were indestructible, but i guess maybe a chopper with no guns or anything on it would be cool, maybe something you get literally right at the end before or after the very last mission. but yeah, i agree with the no co op and bigger map.
starchild  +   865d ago
I'm not worried about it. I'm sure they'll come up with some great stuff. Farcry 3 is outstanding.
Vladplaya  +   865d ago
How about making a proper continued story for the FarCry1? You know, the game that started this all and that was fking awesome, except every other FarCry game after that had absolutely nothing to do with the first FarCry game other than just stealing its name for sales?
aliengmr  +   865d ago
Snow. Make it somewhere with lots of snow and ice.
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robavila95  +   865d ago
A more enjoyable online experience.
A LIVING LEGEND  +   864d ago
less repetition in nearly every aspect of gameplay.
Perhaps the players actions directly affect the world around him for better or worse...
rethink the ultra-knifer mode,make me actually care about radio tower 14,my diamondsss and maps that reveal launch codes and hidden relics that are meaningless.Relic no.34 was awesome though.
Happy holidays :)
Fil101  +   864d ago
If they dont fix the online side then they can keep 4 cause I wont be buying it.
Bathyj  +   864d ago
Let me drag bodies, have a lighter I can use anytime, make fires easier to start like FC2 and pirates should be able to retake outpost after a while.

Not like FC2 but it would keep you on your toes never completely knowing if you were safe and the map wouldnt just becoming a big empty area.
sergeantcorn  +   857d ago
i was happy with it almost exactly how it was, for example, no planes or choppers made it better because it wasn't overkill with huge turrets attached. maybe just a chopper with no guns or anything. just a chopper. i also liked how it was tropical, and not snowy or deserty. the only thing they really need to focus on is making the story a little bit longer, like adding side quests that actually effect the main story, like mass effect. make it so if you help someone out they might come and help you out later on, but be sure to make it a side quest, not the main story, that way you can end it in different ways and maybe completely thrash the enemy with all your people you helped or maybe have a tiny little army that barley even survives. basically if it was a cross between mass effect and far cry 3, it would be perfect.
Farcryplayer3  +   856d ago
This is a game you shouldn't give to your kids if they can play it which most kids these days can
Farcryplayer3  +   856d ago
People moaning about online play so what. You pay for something better and thats the story mode and other activities open map adventure is always fun and I think if they make another its gonna be brilliant

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