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Submitted by Valay 1146d ago | screenshot

Dead or Alive 5 Plus screenshots

Tecmo Koei released some screenshots from Dead or Alive 5 Plus. (Dead or Alive 5 Plus, PS Vita)

P45cal  +   1146d ago
Vita but this looks amazing!
UltraVegito  +   1146d ago
If these arent bullshots than color me impressed.
Haven't tried the DAO series so i'll most likely pick this up
hay  +   1145d ago
DOA5 is the best DOA up to date. Polished, amazing gameplay mechanics that focus on skillful use of the character's arsenal thanks to easy and fast move input, loads of moves per character, visuals are amazing, texture resolution is simply jawdropping, details on some characters and costumes are pure beauty and in digital version there are pretty much no loadings.

DOA5+ looks pimpin.
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Kennytaur  +   1146d ago
That looks great!
blackbirdi  +   1146d ago
this shots are not from the vita the resolution of this pictures are 1248 X 702 it'S bullshots !! only the last two are from the vita version
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Godchild1020  +   1146d ago
Still, this two Vita shots are great and nice to see that it looks as good as it does on the Vita.
blackbirdi  +   1146d ago
well wait and see i bought all fighting game on vita and i was a little bit dispointed about the gfx they are not on paire with the ps3 version ...maybe street fighter X tekken is very near to the ps3 version but it doesnt use the same shaders and even the bump maps are missing but it still pretty close even some stages are just 2d textures in the background not like the console version...but i still hope this comme on a pair ...
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fabod86  +   1146d ago
Marvel vs Capcom 3 looks great on Vita... i can't see the difference with the PS3 version.
computeSci  +   1146d ago
blackbirdi and for those who doubt the PS Vita graphical capabilities has not seen Virtua Tennis 4 World Tour for the PS Vita.
millzy102  +   1146d ago
this is on my list to get, was going to get it on ps3 after xmas but ill wait for vita and play it at work like i do with DOA dimensions on 3ds
SAE  +   1146d ago
cannot wait , i hope its challenging and fun as tekken ..
DivineAssault  +   1146d ago
I wonder if this will look better than the 3DS DOA game
BXbomber  +   1146d ago
really? its a no brainer that is gonna look better than the one 3ds i mean its the damn vita!! with its oled screen and the horse power behind the vita obviously itll look better. im buying this day 1

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