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bebitech1892d ago

That game has been in development for a long long time

bebitech1892d ago

Yea because I've known about it for at least two years which means it was probably well into development prior to that. The game was also suppose to support full Move controls.

JohnApocalypse1892d ago

Strange that they are not giving the same title as the next Star Trek movie

BlackTar1871892d ago

I don't think this ever had any intention of being a movie tie in. I think from the start it was all about stand alone

aliengmr1892d ago

Please tell me the title isn't Star Trek: The Video Game.

BlackTar1871892d ago

Why the first Star Trek movie was called Star Trek:The Motion Picture

but the new one is only Star Trek

aliengmr1892d ago

When I see a title ending with ":The Video Game" I think "movie-game".

@BlackTar187 @Irishguy95

I stand corrected. And yes, I was indeed too lazy to look it up myself, so thanks for the replies.

Irishguy951892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Judging from the Box art
its just "Star trek"


looks good and sounds good, I think its a Tps though :/ ..woulda like some space ship ****(maybe there is and they just haven't shown it yet)

Also this game is set between Star trek 1 and 2 of the new movies

AlienFodder1892d ago

If it comes out on April 26 in Europe, it means will get it on April 23 in North America. Sweet...