New photos of the Raiden figure by Play Arts, Korekado unboxes

Hideo Kojima posted a photo of the White Raiden figure, developed by Play Arts Kai (Square Enix). Yuji Korekado unboxed one of the figures and took some photos.

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Nyxus2012d ago

I'd like to have the Zavvi CE, but it's so expensive, I guess I'll wait for a price drop.

Crystallis2012d ago

Thats the one with the lightning lamp?

Root2012d ago

I really wanted it aswell but the prices is ridiculous...all you get is the figure.

We actually pay MORE for just a figure then americans for the US one with the Steelbook, DLC and Lamp

We don't even a steelbook we have to buy it seperate...from GAME

They should make the lamp edition for Europe, why does Europe always get the short end of the stick. At least give us UK people it

Nyxus2012d ago

@ Crystallis: No, that's the US one. The UK version looks like the image below, and it doesn't come with the lamp but with the figure instead.

Hanso2012d ago

its the same figure as the 1 in the CE right?
(Note i live in europe and our CE will have Raiden figure not the lamp)

Nyxus2012d ago

Yes, I'm pretty sure it's the same one.