Halo Without Bungie

For Unwinnable's Endings Week, video game journalist Dennis Scimeca (Ars Technica, The Escapist, G4TV) laments what the Halo universe has become without Bungie. Halo 4 is a new beginning, but also an ending.

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cl19831918d ago

So many things I have to disagree with.

otherZinc1917d ago

Halo 4 is absolutely Terrific, period!

To say otherwise is ridiculous.
Story is fantastic.
Campaign Co-op is great
Campaign is great
Spec Ops is great
Spec Ops Co-op is great
Spec Ops Episode movies are great
Multi-player is great
Forge is great
Theatre mode is great

Now, WTF do people want? Please, there are no games that offer this much.

Knight_Crawler1917d ago

Well said dude...people should go play Reach then play HALO 4, the work the 343i did on H4 far surpasses what Bungie did with Reach while keeping the same Halo feel - I am not saying that Reach was bad but it did feel like Bungie was doing the game becuse they had to finishe there contract.

Look what happend to Socom when it switched developers...343i kept it real while adding new thing to Halo4.

whoyouwit041917d ago

yea any gamer who can't find something good in halo is a Sony or Nintendo fan boy period, now I'm not saying that you should like the whole package as I do but with all the great content in the entire halo 4 package you are bound to like something.

Eiffel1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Story was bland and character focused on a bland character, didn't really improve anything. Also Spartan's have been dumbed down to cannon fodder with the IV's, the UNSC's best are a bunch of jarhead noob's with bad jokes and personalities. Awesome idea.

Campaign Coop was horribly implemented, for example on the Requiem chapter as your driving the ghosts coop partners will crash and constantly get stuck in a death spawn loop as the level collapses for whoever is in the lead.

Spec Ops is a poor change from Firefight, all the chapters are the same thing. Kill that, wait for dialog to end, rinse repeat. A missed opportunity to do something different and interesting. You can't even play it beyond Heroic, so it's hardly challenging just adding to the monotonous nature of it all.

Multiplayer issues as follow.

XP Cap
Lag compensation
Lack of playlists
Less variety within playlists; primarily slayer focused.
Join-in progress, who doesn't love cleaning up a rage quiter's mess adding up their losing game total, or better yet joining matches two minutes till end game and sitting through double the load screens?
The map design was outsourced, many maps feature spawn and vehicle balance issues. Nuff said when the Valhalla Halo 3 map remake is voted up every rotation.
A lack of beta made this game a glitch fest on release.
Theater mode is multiplayer only, seems every new Halo they're slowly trying to make it worse.
Custom game options are extensively lacking in this new title. Bungie wrote the book on it, how did they manage to screw this up?
Forge is absolutely horrible in Halo 4 missing many key features that were present in Halo Reach and Halo 3, it's so bad that Machinima directors are struggling to work with it.

The game was so clearly rushed that it's painful. So much in this game is lacking and does a worse job of what was already available for past Halo's. A real crap effort on 343's part.

League_of_Draven1917d ago

Halo without Bungie is just like Halo with Bungie. Halo 2 was the last good Halo and it looks like it will stay that way.

Eiffel1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Can't even bother to play Halo 4 anymore. A rushed and lacking start to a new trilogy, like the Star Wars prequels I'm jumping ship and I've been playing this franchise's multiplayer since Halo: CE on PC. Bungie's Destiny or bust it seems at this point, that is if it's even a FPS.

Eiffel1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Obvious. Reading comprehension, use it.

Bobby Kotex1917d ago

Buying Halo 4 was the biggest purchase mistake I've made this year. I probably put in 2 hours before I got bored. Nice graphics though.

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