Solving a Wii mystery: The fate of the awesome toy WeeWaa

When Zoink Games debuted its trailer for WeeWaa in 2009, eyes lit up. This was the next great kids’ game even adults would want to play.

In Justice’s song “D.A.N.C.E.,” which played over the video, Zoink found the perfect tagline: “The way you move is a mystery.” The words nailed what WeeWaa was about: The magic of transforming an ordinary Wiimote into a stuffed toy, which kids could hold and move around to control a matching onscreen avatar.

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Lifeequals421823d ago

Anything named WeeWaa has got to be great.

NagaSotuva1823d ago

What is that thing doing to the Wiimote?

wita1823d ago

You're supposed to put the Wiimote into the toy through its mouth ... but that's a good question. There are many uses for the Wiimote, apparently.

KrimsonKody1823d ago

Is he smoking a "fatty"?
(Zooms in on image)
He's "smoking" a WiiMote.

Wagz221823d ago

I'm not going to lie, I thought the same thing haha