Xbox 720 in beta; AMD HD 8000M to power next-gen consoles?

GC: The guy who has leaked the Durango dev kit pics has said that the Xbox 720 or Xbox 3 is officially in the beta stage and he is awaiting his updated dev kit.

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WetN00dle692157d ago

I dont think that both the Ps4 and Xbox 3 will be running the AMD HD 8000M. That slide is just an AD by AMD saying that they are the leading brand for GPU's be it console or PC. But who knows.

DeadlyFire2157d ago

I suspect higher than this though if they use AMD 8000 Mobile GPU it will have to have minimum of around 2 Tflops.

I suspect the aim is between 2.5-3.5 Tflops for PS4/X720.

AMD 7970M GPU runs at 2.1 Tflops so its sucessor in the 8900M series would fit quite nicely I would suspect.

ABizzel12157d ago

I didn't disagree with you although I do.

It makes sense to use the 8000M series simply because they're likely to be more energy efficient than the 7000M series. But the 8000M series isn't likely to be that much of an improvement over the 7000M series besides power consumption.

Mobile GPU's would be ideal for the next consoles simply because of size and mobility. The 7970M is more than enough to handle what next gen consoles need if they want to reach 1080p @ 60fps in 3D.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2157d ago

The AMD HD8000M is just a refresh.

Also console are like laptops then? Any gpu with the "M" behind it is nothing to right home about.

wampdog292157d ago

When Sony and MS speak in Tflops, they always use the ENTIRE system, not only the GPU. So, even if you had an inside source that told you Sony wanted 3Tflops out of their next console, it wouldn't simply mean that the GPU was that powerful.

ProjectVulcan2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

You suspect a lot :-/

Mobile processors use less power than desktop parts just because they run at a lower voltage and lower clocks typically. They also end up with a bunch of areas disabled for yield and power reasons. They often have more aggressive power management.

If you want a lower TDP part for a console you can take any desktop GPU and very easily reduce its power consumption. RSX in PS3 is nothing but a shrunken desktop (NV47) G70 core with a crippled memory bus and ROPS count. By the time PS3 arrived, even the G71 7900GTX was old hat and the 8800 series were in town.

I don't really see the connection between the 8000M announcement and the next gen consoles. The announcement is due for the new mobile chips, and we are about 4 months away from a new set of desktop GPU models.

If the consoles are already well into development, they'll probably be using similar designs to stuff that already exists.

DA_SHREDDER2157d ago

You tech geeks care so much about graphics in the next gen consoles why even waste your time on them and just game on your gaming pc's you have now? You want better graphics? I just want bigger and more fun games. I don't care if games don't look close to real life or not, they are just video games, you guy have a hobby, then stop speculating and just play them. BTW, even if the next gen is underwhelming to most of you, you're still gonna buy them, so why all the moaning and groaning? If the graphics don't suit you, then just keep playing on your pc's. Sheesh.

ABizzel12157d ago


I don't think any "Tech Geek" is concerned about console graphics. Most of us are here because we enjoy gaming, and we're keeping things in a reasonable perspective for people who don't know what to expect from the next gen consoles.

There are all kinds of crazy rumors flying around, and coming from a tech background / know how, we're just trying to keep everything within reason.

sikbeta2157d ago

Please NO! Mobile crap GPUs will not be enough for a real next-gen leap...

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Persistantthug2157d ago

Use and bookmark this....they generally track pretty well.

Somebody2157d ago


Everyone speculates about everything This is just what people who have great interest ins similar stuff do. They talk about their interest with other people. Sharing. Interacting.

Even if some of the people here don't have consoles but they do have bits of information that others might not have.

8000M - Who are you going to ask? A hardcore console player who never played on the PC or the tech geek whose hands are smeared with thermal paste?

I'm not a console player but I am interested in the use of a Mobile GPU for a next gen console. Who knows if it's true then MS might inadvertently up open a new opportunity for regular laptops to join the gaming sphere (besides of the expensive gaming laptops). I'm interested with a console development because I'm eager to see how how the PC industry will react and evolve to stay competitive. In a way what happens to the consoles, affects the PC as well.

ABizzel12156d ago


You don't know what you're talking about. A 7970M sits between an HD 7850 and HD 7870.

To put it simply, it's more than powerful enough to achieve Sony's goal of 1080p @ 60fps in 3D with DX11 on either High or Ultra PC settings depending on the game.

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Zhipp2157d ago

The 8000 series hasn't even launched yet, has it? What are the chances a console that's believed to be releasing next year would use such modern hardware?

Muffins12232157d ago

well,if it came with the console,it would cost more than 700...

hellvaguy2157d ago

When the 360 was released it had a tri-core processor. All pcs then were dual-core. They are able to be ahead of the technology curve at release by way of being subsidized (selling console at a loss first few years).

Unlike nintendo where they need to have a day 1 profit on thier consoles.

Nicolee2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

this is first time that nintendo selling wiiu at loss man.

Gamer19822157d ago

8000 series has launched already.

CrimsonSquall2157d ago

@hellvaguy, don't be mistaken, MS still followed the sell for profit approach on the launch of the 360

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Bigpappy2157d ago

Which ever GPU M$ uses for the next Xbox, with be custom made and exclusive. M$ has learn from the first Xbox, that they have to own all the components in order to control the price and profit.

Cueil2157d ago

The Xbox 360 GPU is based on the same tech as the X1300 (a step down if I'm not mistaken). Microsoft owns the rights to the specific model... it's obviously not a desktop version, but it was based off of a desktop version that got released around the same time as the 360. Oct of 2005 if I'm not mistaken...

Crazyglues2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

either way this is bad news for Nvidia if it's true because it would seem they wont' be in either console...

that wouldn't be a good move for Nvidia since the lost of console sales would mean a huge lost of money for the company in the future..


iggsta3o52157d ago

@DA_SHREDDER Its not all about graphics "we tech geeks" have had to put up with your shit console ports for years, at this point we could care less about graphics. What we want to make sure is that consoles have the power to guarantee a push in current gaming innovation ie. better AI, larger world, greater population density, and complex Physics, all these things take power. So shut your mouth sit back, and only open your mouth when your given permission to speak. Were tired of your kind holding back the evolution of gaming.

MasterCornholio2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Exactly my thoughts. While I personally believe that the most important aspect of a game is gameplay, powerful hardware allows developers to enhance gameplay by creating games with great Ai, physics, huge open worlds etc. Seriously could we play games like Read Dead Redemption, Dishonored, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Batman Arkham City, God of War 3 etc on an NES? We couldn't because the Super Nintendo would be too weak to handle these sorts of fantastic games. A very good example of this is the amount of multi platform games that skipped the Wii due to how weak the hardware is.

In conclusion, having fantastic gameplay is vital to a good game however graphics can dramatically enhance said gameplay in many different ways.

Anyone who fails to see how powerful hardware can enhance gameplay isn't a gamer in my opinion instead to me they are the ludites who are holding this industry back and thus don't deserve to play fantastic games.

Motorola RAZR i

DarthJay2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

@wetnoodle More people need to be like you and start calling it the Xbox 3... or anything but the Xbox 720. The name Xbox 720 makes me cringe. The absolute dumbest thing I've ever heard and it makes no sense whatsoever. So thank you for not being that guy.

FanboyPunisher2155d ago

LMAO moblie GPU in a console?


Steam HTCP will be the end of shoddy consoles I'm telling you.

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Npugz72157d ago

I hope they use them in the Next Gen Consoles.

wishingW3L2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Yeah. MS will put a $600 GPU on their next console. And what about everything else? RAM, CPU, motherboard, case, power-supply....

Man these writers are so clueless. lol

Smurf12157d ago

Mobile GPU. Read the M part.

Hingle_Mcringleberry2157d ago

Do you believe when they order 1 million GPU's they get charged the same price you do when you buy a single one? Man, these readers are so clueless. Lol.

IRetrouk2157d ago

Dont forget they will order them in tens of millions and will most likely get a massive discount

mwjw6962157d ago

Discount yes. But most likely only a 30% discount tops. AMD still has to make a nice profit, or why even sell them at all.

Sp1d3ynut2157d ago

mwjw696, you obviously have no clue how big business works. You think Wal-mart only gets a "30% discount" from vendors, on the items you buy? They pay mere pennies on the dollar for many items, based on sheer volume. Without Wal-mart, Target, Amazon, etc. , most of the items we purchase would be ridiculously expensive, because the mfr had no guaranteed way of knowing how many units they would sell to recoup mfg costs, tooling, etc. The guaranteed purchase contracts give them a pricepoint to work off of, and reason to go ahead with mass production...which reduces cost AND retail pricing.

BitbyDeath2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

It's far greater than 30%.
Remember Sony put a $1000+ blu-ray player into the PS3 which cost $600 and that's obviously excluding the cost of the GPU, CPU, RAM etc

Blu-ray players are far cheaper now so that cost of putting it into the next machine will be severely reduced.

Sony/MS can easily put in all the latest parts and still market it for around $400.

rainslacker2157d ago

Don't forget that those $600 video cards didn't pay $600 for the graphics chip alone either. It also includes R&D for designing the card, packaging, marketing, Memory and IC costs, company overhead, along with all the other stuff that goes into making the card itself. I don't know what the breakdown is, but it's likely less than $200 per GPU chip. However no you aren't likely to see such an expensive part in the system unless they received a massive discount. It is possible given the amount ordered that AMD would give one since it means they would make a profit quicker. They still aren't likely to sell it for less than what it costs them to make, however.

nukeitall2157d ago

Well, from the first Xbox 360, MS made sure to own the design for the chip, which means they are allowed to manufacture them at any plant of their choosing.

Also, a huge cost up front (or loss) isn't unknown, but it sure ain't $600. The chip itself doesn't cost $600 not even close.

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aquamala2157d ago

it's a mobile GPU, which is far less powerful than Desktop GPUs because it needs to use less power and generate less heat to be usable on laptops.

tee_bag2422157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Well a 7970m's desktop equivalent is the somewhere between the 7850 and the pricier 7870.
That's not too shabby at all!

konnerbllb2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

The xbox360 gpu consumer equivalent cost around 600 at launch. Look it up

Of course MS never pays retail.

Cueil2157d ago

You're not to far off... but the Xbox 360 uses some slightly lower variant that the X1300 uses... if I'm not mistaken... it's really hard to remember all the info from 7 years ago... has it really been 7 years?

Qrphe2157d ago


The base GPU for the Xenos was worth around $500 in 2004/5 while the Pentium III GPU in the original Xbox was worth around $600 in 2000 (I'm not even adjusting for inflation).

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jmac532157d ago

I am sure they will use something that generates less heat after the red ring debacle.

greenpowerz2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

They already have. STFU sheesh

BTW please don't reply with a collection of barely sound unfounded info from wikki quoting blog quality data methods and polling from sources that are or were trying to blow up the problem for the most hits(IRetrouk).

When PS2 had it's issue no one expressed worry about later PS2's and PS3. LOL

silkrevolver2157d ago

He's simply stating for future use.

We all know the 360's current chipset is sound and not Red-Ring inducing.

Simmer down.

koston36472157d ago

@greenpowerz if that comment wasn't overly and unnecessarily defensive idk what is...he doesn't have to "STFU"

jmac532157d ago

Well my "data" was that I had 5 red ringed consoles before I got a slim, which has been working great. I was merely stating that Microsoft is definetly going to put more heat-resistant parts in the next machine. Please untwist your panties.

Qrphe2157d ago

But the PS2 DIDN'T have this exact type of issue.

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andibandit2157d ago


thats the dumbest thing i've heard in 2012.
How about it's cheaper for the consumer and better for the environment and gives a greener image of the 720?.

im sure your reason is somewhere at number 500 on the priority list, along with "PS4 will have more memory so they can have run cross Game Chat"

JsonHenry2157d ago

Console gamers will more than likely be happy with one of these parts in their machine. It is a respectable part in terms of power. (for a console)