Open-source fans mixed on Microsoft move

Open-source fans can be a skeptical bunch, but I've seen their collective opinions shift--for example in the gradually diminishing loathing for Sun Microsystems as that company stopped deriding Linux and started moving its portfolio to open-source software.

So it's not a surprise that various representatives had a mixed reaction to Microsoft's move Thursday to share details of its technology with open-source programmers.

The move could make it easier for many projects to work well with Microsoft products and potentially replace them--for example for Thunderbird e-mail software could communicate better with Microsoft Exchange servers and also displace Microsoft Outlook on PCs. But Microsoft also made it clear that a pledge not to sue open-source programmers only applied in "non-commercial" contexts, so open-source fans didn't get everything they want.

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Ghoul3952d ago

Im allways spectical towards what ever MS does theyre company history is crowded with imperialistic moves and destruction of smaller company or competitors

RealityCheck3952d ago

LOL at the picture, first time I've seen it.

Why is it that I can't shake the image of an open source license with Microsoft being like a soul pact with the devil?

hfaze3952d ago

I wonder how much the EU antitrust rulings had to do with this... I just don't see Microsoft all of a sudden having a change of heart on the opensource community without being forced to do so.

Although I have long said that if Microsoft were to start embracing other platforms, that their software has the chance to do very well. I wouldn't mind seeing Microsoft Office for Linux, or maybe some of the Microsoft PC games for Linux (Microsoft Flight Simulator, or the Age of Empires series for Linux would be cool)

Karebear3952d ago

If you look at their "shared code" today, the later on develop for a commercial open source project, your code is tainted. They can sue saying you stole the idea from seeing their code 5 years previously or whatever.

"Its a trick, get an axe." - Ash

RealityCheck3952d ago

True and small developers don't have the kind of money to fight a big corporation for years in court. Not worth the risk.