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War Z Fraud Scandal. It just keeps getting worse

So you've probably heard of Arma II, no? Well, then I'm sure you've heard of Day Z. If not, Day Z is a zombie survival game that was originally a mod for Arma II. Like many popular mods, they often outsell the game it originates from. This of course grabs a lot of attention from developers and publishers that would like to help launch a full standalone version of that mod. However, it also grabs the attention of potential copycats.

Not only that, items and food are not found, they're bought with real cash. A freemium system, in a game that's not free. This guy has outdone himself.

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Community1762d ago
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GamerCheese1762d ago

The banner image copy/paste is crazy sketchy.

Kalowest1762d ago

These guys make Capcom and Square-Enix look like gods.

Danlord1762d ago

It looks like the publisher didn't do a good job with their PR marketing after all. They had it coming ;-)

RamsesNum11762d ago

Yeah I agree, shitty publicist. there are many factors surrounding this title that highlight its fraudulent nature. Pretty sad, I mean these developers were planning on getting away with this. Can't ascape a gamers keen eye for criticism and mistakes. ha

PrivateRyan1762d ago

I feel sorry for anyone who gets this as a Christmas 'gift'

Valenka1762d ago

It's an awful shame, really.

Tibbers1762d ago

Geez do I hate that argument, that the game copied DayZ's name. Z is often used in zombie media (e.g. World War Z, ZDay, Z-Day, Z for Zombie etc.).

dennett3161762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

DayZ copied World War Z, and War Z copied DayZ in it's mad rush to beat it to market. It's so obvious as to be pointless to try to excuse....of course they went with a sound-a-like name, that's not even the most pressing of the issues regarding this messy rip-off of a game.

Increasing re-spawn times to 4 hours and then instituting a charge to instantly re-spawn was the most despicable move (apart from making such a poor game in the first place, of course).
And yes, there's spaces for more than one game state so you don't have to wait, but re-spawning and having a chance of recovering some equipment is too good an opportunity to pass up in a game where it's so difficult to find items in it's sparse and ugly world.

RamsesNum11762d ago

Yes we all know that Z is an abbreviation that most zombie related shows and games use. As dennet mentioned, this is only one thing Warz had done to enrage the public. If you ready on the whole story will come to light. Shameee ;p

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