Who is Best Suited to Purchase THQ's Assets?

Looking at all the appropriate candidates to purchase bankrupt THQ's assets, there are several reasons why Epic Games' ex-golden boy Cliff Bleszinski has what it takes to turn most THQ titles into profitable blockbusters.

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pandehz1678d ago

Yep slow news day it seems

Ezz20131677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

i don't care who buy them as long as they give them the free well to make what they love

konnerbllb1677d ago

I'd like to point out Clearlake had already bought them publicly before this was written.

Christopher1677d ago

Not yet. Clearlake has put in a minimum bid that will go into effect after a period of time. Others are allowed to offer a bid, but it must be more than what Clearlake initially bid.

konnerbllb1677d ago

cgoodno, I see. Thanks for the update.

prototypeknuckles1678d ago

i just hope activision, EA, or Capcom dont buy the assets, now if ubisoft wanted to that would be good news

showtimefolks1678d ago

activision will be going after saints row to compete with GTA, EA will look into wwe license for sure, just look at UFC.

Zinemax(my sleepr pick to buy most of the assets- they already have some big IP's under them like Skyrim and fallout, and own ID)
Sony/MS..both may get involved

guitarded771677d ago

I see Activision as a highly likely candidate. it has huge capital from CoD and Skylanders, they need some new franchises to run into the ground, and Darksiders and Saint's Row would be perfect for their business model. I know it's not a pretty scenario, but Activision has the money, and they have the need of some of THQ's assets.

SnakeCQC1678d ago

another independant studio would be good but i bet the dark side activision is going to buy it

SonyStyled1678d ago

cliffy b looks like he just got his balls cut off

Knight_Crawler1678d ago

So you actually know how Cliffy B looks with his balls cut off -_-

guitarded771677d ago

Nah, he knows what a married man looks like... same thing.

Root1678d ago

I wouldn't mind if the Saints Row ip went to Sony, would be nice what they could do with it if they rebooted it. It could be the exclusive "GTA" game for them if they did it right.

RuleofOne343 1678d ago

Then MS would have to buy or obtain a very long exclusive deal for GTA. Just to satisfy their fan base
which would be kinda of a sweet deal.

Root1677d ago

Why would they have to do that, why don't they just make their own open world IP

I would of said the same for Sony but they have inFAMOUS which is open world and hopefully they'll have AGENT coming next gen

GTA would never go exclusive...they want money on both sides, they arn't making the same mistake this did with GTA4

Rockefellow1677d ago

Their own open-root IP exists-- the adequate Crackdown series.

Anyway, Rockstar might have been willing to shell out timed DLC to Microsoft, but I doubt they'd let an entire game sit for "very long" only on Xbox.

MikeMyers1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Sounds like Root would love every IP owned by Sony. Thankfully he ain't running the show. Oh well, might as well go back to hating everything in the meantime.

Good luck on it selling 5 million copies if it were only on the PS3.

Root1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Dude what the f*** is your problem

Why are you trying to start arguments and being an arse, who said I want every IP to be owned by Sony if that was the case I would of said "I want everything to go to Sony".

Hating don't even know me mate I've been here for like 3 days so don't try and make up crap so you look big.

MikeMyers1677d ago

I don't have a problem but by the looks of things you do with all your negativity. Saints Row is already a great franchise that has managed to hold their own against a giant ip like GTA. So why would limiting the availability of it be a good thing? Sony doesn't hold some magic wand and make good developers better, they are already talented. THQ needs someone to turn the company around and if Saints Row were to be an exclusive ip then that would mean potentially less sales.

"It could be the exclusive "GTA" game for them if they did it right. "

The series is already doing things right. It's the company itself that is in question and Saints Row is one of the better ip's. Sony taking control of all of those ip's would just limit the fanbase.

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