Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview (TeamXbox)

Don't worry, if you're not a hardcore computer gamer and didn't play the original Sacred on the PC - you won't be too lost in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, the new action RPG from publisher CDV and German developer Ascaron Entertainment. This hack-and-slash-style adventure is set 2000 years prior to the events of the original Sacred, so you don't have to have played that game to know what's going on.

You choose your character from one of six different prototypes. Each character has a specific set of combat arts that you build throughout the game, then combine in different ways to customize your character, not just visually, but in the way they play, too. Four of the six characters can also choose their path, light or dark. Here's a glance at who you'll have to choose from...

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RIPHDDVD3945d ago

This game looks horrible. See for yourself. Check out the screen shots of this game at

Richdad3945d ago

The graphics are not very bad but can compete to 360's line up of 2008, The graphics quality is like that of Saints Row 1, not alooker now indeed but they must focussing on the gameplay because Ascaron Entertainment is a small studio to make a next gen title. Hope they mange to give good gameplay if not the graphics.

xav09713945d ago

it has no loading screens like they say. I love games with no loading screens during gameplay. Are those screen shots from xbox 360? PC should look better with higher rez

Richdad3943d ago

There is no loading screen but as far as the looks on PC goes its not perforamnce game so it might not look much better on PC when resolution is increased yeah but another profit is that it will run on low specs PC with good settings.