Nintendo remains mum after hackers reveal the Wii U CPU and GPU specs?

If you are like me and you have read the news of late you would have come across the very disturbing news that came out a few weeks ago about the Wii U hack by a guy who goes by the name Marcan. In less than a month of the Wii U launch it had already been hacked? Yes, but the very interesting thing about the hack is that the truth about the Wii U CPU and GPU speed is now out in the open and everyone who has itched to know what was inside the console pretty much know about it now, even though we have not gotten an official word from Nintendo confirming or denying it.

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Neonridr2106d ago

What should Nintendo say? We can achieve the same level of games with a CPU that is running at 1/3 the clock speed and developers have only begun to scratch the surface of our system?

MasterCornholio2106d ago

That sounds great and if its true i wonder why Reggie didn´t even state this yet.

decrypt2105d ago

Article is pointless.

Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics.

Nintendo knows this. They dont really care.

darthv722105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

the wii-u can be summed up as doing more with less.

@abizz below...but wasnt every new version of the pentium class cpu a modified version of the previous one? The pentium was an enhanced 486 class which itself was an updated 386 class. Even the P2 and P3 all were enhanced versions with increased clock and cache and some new instruction traces.

That doesnt mean the original is bad in any way. so what if they took a page from intel. If it aint broke, why fix it. you can improve it but no need to fix it as "fixing it" implies it was broken in the first place.

The design obviously hold some benefits for nintendo and the programmers that know how to use it.

TheoreticalParticle2105d ago

darthv72: No, that absolutely is NOT how CPU class upgrades work.

Every Intel chip from the 8086 to the i7 didn't change base number/brand until there was an architecture redesign. That's why they have a different number of pins, that's why they all need new motherboards to be slotted into.

They aren't "modified". They're entirely new chip designs.

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showtimefolks2105d ago

wii-u is a new system it will take some time like every console to figure out the best way to get the most out of it. It will not be as strong as ps4 or next xbox but i am excited just to play nintendo's 1st party games in HD. that should be a great enough reason to buy one. when N announces a zelda game for wii-u i will buy the system

3rd party support has never been with nintendo and it won't be with wii-u either. here is a fun face the last Nintendo home console to get great 3rd party support was NES. now think about that for a second NES.

look at the lineup in 2013 most big games aren't coming out on wii-u. get bioshock,gta,tomb raider for wii-u nintendo you must

other than that give it some time for developers to figure stuff out and take it easy

sikbeta2105d ago


Gamers care about games and IF third party games are nowhere to be found on the Wii-U, they'll not care about said console, same story with the wii, not saying it's going to happen, but if "low specs" is used again from third parties as the problem to not port games for the U, then damn, that's a mistake Nintendo said I'd fix with the Wii-U, they said they wanted to get the core-gamers this time >:(

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legend9112106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

See, the problem is that these children don't know how architecture works. Are you going to tell me that my 3.0GHz Pentium 4 HT will beat an i5-2500k at the same clock? If you said yes, then please leave now. If you said no, then re-read the article and you will understand.

ABizzel12106d ago

That's true the i5 destroys the Pentium.

However, the thing that has everyone worried is the the Wii-U CPU, is a modified version of the same one used in Wii, which was a modified version of the same one used in the Gamecube.

It's technically an 11 year old CPU that's been modified for 3 console generations.

On top of that MANY developers have said the same thing, with a Metro 2033 dev. even going as far to say "I guess you don't need an powerful CPU for physics and AI when you're making Mario games." That's troubling.

I have no doubts we'll see some good things from the Wii-U, but here's Nintendo's next-gen console launching 6 - 7 years after the current-gen and instead of being hands down better than the current-gen, but instead there's all these rumors and speculation about how the Wii-U is a mixed boat of being better graphically, but being a dumber console thanks to a underpowered CPU.

If anything Nintendo could have copied the Xbox 360 down to the wiring, since they both have nearly identical components. They could have gone with a quad core version of the 360 CPU, a slightly better GPU, and 2GB of RAM, and still came out with a $299 - $349 console. On top of that it's using the Wii CPU+ / Gamecube CPU++, so why doesn't it have backwards compatibility with Gamecube games? If they had simply gone with the Xbox+ then all the games released for the console at launch would have ran just as good and most liekly at better resolutions and framerates than the current consoles. It makes no sense unless:

1. Nintendo's console doesn't cost as much to make as they said, which has been proven by several other sites (do a little research). So the Wii-U can make a small profit Day 1. A less expensive CPU (which can often translate into a weaker CPU), and not attempting to integrate Gamecube BC saved them money.

If that's the case then it's really sad, that Nintendo would rather nerf their system, to save a few bucks early on, than make something that Nintendo, developers, and their fans could be proud of.

I'm still interested in the Wii-U, but it's in a similar position the the Gamecube was in for me. I'll buy it at some point, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it like I did the gamecube, but it's not a must buy.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

Either way nintendo doesn't push technology software wise so what does it matter how much power they have?

FriedGoat2106d ago

It matters because they have marketed and hyped it to be a super powerful console and trying to bring in "hardcore gamers" when in reality, it isn't.

People are bored of the wii's gimmicks, if they can't bring in the hardcore, they aren't going to do too well now the soccer moms don't want wiifit.

Ihaa2105d ago

@ABizzel1 If you recall, the Wii CPU isn't bad at all. Let it be 11 years old but for one its based on the older architecture but by that sense, every CPU is usually based of some old architecture that got lots of changes to be improved. Plus the person who created the emulator for wii and gamecube actually said that although 360 runs at 3Ghz and has 2 threads, one of its cores is only 20 percent faster than one core from the wii. The wii isn't exactly 2 gamecube CPU's put together, it had architecture changes as well. People don't realize that the CPU in the wii, although low in Ghz was actually pretty fast.

ABizzel12105d ago


It doesn't matter to Nintendo that's why they made the decision on which CPU to use.

But it matter a lot to other developers. Specifically 3rd party developers who Nintendo is suppose to try and get back on their side, or at least continue to develop for their console.

Nintendo's whole point of the Wii-U was to:

1. Keep the Wii audience, by allowing them to upgrade to the Wii-U along with all their Wii peripherals.

2. Get the core gamers and developers back in their camp with a HD console.

3. Make a console powerful enough to rival and surpass the current-gen HD console, while also being capable of holding it's own against the next-gen offerings from MS and Sony.

And they didn't live up to their goal in the eyes of many, especially people who had already wrote Nintendo off as a casual console.


True most CPU's are based on the previous architecture, but not 11 year old tech. If anything it's based on a 4 - 6 year old version of the same CPU and the difference while there, isn't a large as an entirely new chip.

And this goes double for Nintendo. We know the Wii-U CPU smokes the Gamecube's and the Wii. But it's still not the jump they should have had if they had simply went with a more moderate CPU rather than one based on Dolphin. I have no clue what they were thinking with that. It makes no sense. I don't care how much over-clocking or tweaking you do, you can't turn 11 year old tech into gold.

They could have even used an AMD-A8 APU and it would have been better than what the Wii-U is currently capable of, not to mention it's only $100 and it covers their CPU and GPU needs.

Let me say that again $100 for an AMD-A8 APU (CPU + GPU) that's superior to the PS360 and what we've seen from the Wii-U thus far, and DX11 capable. If the PS360 runs a game in 720p @ 30fps, then this APU can run the same game at either 720p @ 60fps or 1080p @ 30fps locked.

When you look at things like that it really puts Nintendo's mindset into perspective. Their CPU + GPU combo must be dirt cheap, and Nintendo would rather save $20 and be on par with current-gen, then surpass it. It completely blows my mind that Nintendo would sabotage themselves just to save $20.

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herbs2106d ago

Pointless article is pointless

ronin4life2106d ago

NO company ever comments on these things. That's just how it is.
Move along, nothing to see here...

avengers19782106d ago

Nintendo is going to have the same problems with Wii u as they did with Wii once 3rd party devs don't make games for Wii u that are on ps4, Xbox,and pc... they have a machine that can compete with PS3 and 360, but that is not what there up against... they better hope being first out the gate is enough. I can think of a few games that are going to PS3 and 360 that are not on Wii u as of now bioshock infinite, metal gear rising, and the new dark souls... not good for Nintendo, but there first party games will definitely help them, they need a Zelda, a metriod, and Mariopart, that really Wow there fan base.

GraveLord2106d ago

How about they actually man up and officially reveal these specs? In their website or the Wii U manual....

Consumers have a right to know what they are buying.

(Before you say that those buying Wii U don't care, let me say that we don't care about these stupid safety tips or legal shit, yet they still put it in there)

lilbroRx2105d ago

Nintendo hasn't revealed specs since the Gamecube. People begging for them despite knowing their policy is just idiotic.

rainslacker2105d ago

People know they're buying a game machine. It plays games. It plays games that they like. Nintendo builds solid products. I'm pretty sure most consumers know what they're buying when they pick up a Wii U.

darthv722105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

this isnt genesis vs snes anymore. We have moved beyond the days of figurative numbers being a representation of reality.

The nerds have grown up (myself included) with all the tech jargon and now its being simplified. Is that so bad to just see the results on screen or do you need circuit evidence to make it mean something?

I mean, how many times did we hear about the EE of the PS2 being able to power nuclear missiles? You dont need the specs of the wii-u to know it will have the next iteration of zelda or metroid or smash bros.

Shnazzyone2105d ago

Yet another article to show me how terrible an aggregate site n4g is. This article says nothing new and only points out something that hasn't happened. the whole thing is 2 paragraphs and a picture. This isn't news. This is the continuation of N4g being an awful source for any actual news.

Dark-vash2105d ago

I think Nintendo doesn't have to say anything. I'ts pretty impressive that they can achieve and surpass the performance of a PS3 with a CPU clock like that!
Consoles are quitting the "horse power" race... I'm looking forward to see what Sony and Ms can achieve!

BullyMangler2104d ago

yehh . Nintendo is busy .. . and Nintendo will show this generation, what a properly equipped gaming machine is supposed to do . .. (: and NEXT GEN . . The overload of accidental dominance by Nintendo is just too alien to be reaL

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jacksonmichael2106d ago

You expected anything else? Nintendo plays by their own rules. And those rules are almost always really annoying.

wishingW3L2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

not all the specs, only the frequencies of the CPU, GPU and Ram.

Apex132106d ago

Frankly who the F cares.

It's a good system as will the others be and offer different experiences.

Go back to sleep.

legend9112106d ago

Again, they pull off the same or better graphics (on launch titles too) with such "slow" hardware? Do the people who take this seriously know what or how the architecture of computer systems work?

kane_13712105d ago

the problem is that, this is a console, the consoles are made to work as good as possible with lower power than pcs.
That is what makes them so special, that is the reason a high pc of this day can't yet emulate PS3 and X360 games, cuz the way games and systems are engineered for those systems are way more complex than what is done on a PC.

You can easily port a game from PC to consoles but the other way around.....

To your answer, yes, it is possible to have a slow CPU and still enter the race, that is what a console is.
Nintendo knows it, and plays by that rule, now, does that affect their relations with 3rd party devs? yes, it does, does that affect their fanbase? no, it doesn't, Nintendo has a very special fanbase specially in Europe and they will stay by the nintendo's side, no matter the CPU and what not.
They enjoy the games and they get the games too.

rainslacker2105d ago

If I had to guess, I'd say a majority of the people complaining about the hardware have no clue what any of those numbers mean. Hell, I hardly know much about hardware in that respect, but I can at least see what they were going for with the design.

The system itself is great. I've enjoyed playing on it. I skipped the Wii, and I'm happy to now have a real Nintendo console.

My only real concern is it's long term viability when the 720/PS4 come out. But even then it would only matter for multi-plats, and even then I would just buy them on whatever other system I pick up. Nintendo games are fun, even the Wii ones, and I'm happy to be able to play them again whenever I want.

MEsoJD2105d ago

A console is an investment and I would like to know whats under the hood of my purchase.

Stroke6662105d ago

so is a pair of sneakers, have you asked nike for their chemical components of their soles?

MEsoJD2105d ago

I don't currently own Nike's, but am the type to investigate origin and material of my shoes. The result is that my shoes usually last pretty long. Does that answer your question? :3 I'm not your average consumer, but should be.

OmegaSlayer2106d ago

Who bought a WiiU knew what he was buying and the future of the machine.
If people hasn't understood Nintendo's business model yet...their fault.