The Final Fantasy Mobile Revolution Begins – Is a Final Fantasy V Remake Coming to iOS?

Oprainfall writes:

"For those of you who are unaware, the Final Fantasy IV you’ve probably played on your DS or PSP is available now on mobile platforms. Something noteworthy that immediately took the attention of our staff away from news of “another iOS port from Square-Enix” was this teaser image that appears at the end of the video linked above."

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Snookies122012d ago

If this is only for mobile I am FINISHED with anything Final Fantasy from now on. They've screwed fans over one too many times, doing a remake just for mobile phones will be the last straw for me.

NukaCola2012d ago

I will just go ahead and reveal the truth..

FFversusXIII, Kingdom Hearts III, and Final Fantasy X and VII HD are never coming out.

All Final Fantasy games will be on iOS and XIII-4 will come out in 2015.


In all seriousness. This is garbage how SE has done almost everything backwards this gen. iOS is awesome for the fans, but they aren't just moving to the casuals, they are abandoning the hardcore loyalists. And I joke above, but I wouldn't be surprised if that all happened as such.

crxss2012d ago

well said. kh3, ffv13, and ffx hd where are you????

ThanatosDMC2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Dont you mean XIII-5 or is it XIII-6 when you can enter a beauty pageant and become Miss Gran Pulse?

crxss2012d ago

? what do you want it for?

on topic: it's easy to see why SE is bringing more to the mobile market, if you don't get it just ask and i might tell you. i still have ff anthology in a drawer though... never beat 5 lol. i'm still waiting for a chrono trigger update for ios6

Snookies122012d ago

PSN, XBLA, Steam, 3DS, Vita? Take your pick, I don't care... Anything other than just phones.

crxss2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

steam? Lmao are you dreaming? also it's already on PSN, therefore probably works on Vita. It's also on the Virtual Console in Japan, super nes, and ps1... Are you telling me you don't have access to any one of those? Yeah I thought so

Snookies122012d ago

Dude take it easy. I was just listing off platforms in an attempt to say I don't care what else as long as it makes it to something other than just mobile phones. I don't think it'll make it to Steam, just throwing that out there.

Also, if it's just the regular FFV game, I won't care. Though this is stating it could be a remake of some sort. So no, PSN, VC in Japan, SNES, and PS1 do not have a remade version.

crxss2012d ago

you should check out what FFV is out for before wishing it was out for those systems...

RaikRhythm2012d ago

Square Enix have been placing WAY too much focus on the mobile market recently. Sure, it's a good way to make money for THEM, but it's not a good platform for fully-fledged RPGs like this, TWEWY, FF:IV and the like.

And I get the impression that this "Mobile revolution" is going to include a lot more of these types of games, ones that aren't suited to iOS. Square Enix really need to get their heads out of their asses and pay attention to what their fans ACTUALLY want.

And it doesn't help that fanboys and girls will go ahead and buy it anyway. People like that drive me up the wall, because they cause this kind of crap.

kalkano2012d ago

I'm not going to be buying anything to play mobile games on. But, if it's an actual remake, and not a straight port, I'll keep an eye on it. If they port it (the remake) to another system, I'd pick it up.

5 has never been my favorite FF, anyway. Now a remake of 6...that makes my mouth water...

DarkBlood2012d ago

3DS or vita release or console or just GTFO lol :P

ABizzel12011d ago

You do realize it's been on PSN for over a year now. And is supposedly in the works for 3DS.

So yeah it should work for Vita since it's a PS1 classic.

I really don't understand all the hate for mobile. If this was really that important to you guys you would have already downloaded the game and KNOWN it was out on PSN, or played it how many years ago when it was on tons of different platforms.

If you don't have a smart phone do yourself a favor and get one, and stop hating on it. You'll be surprised at the quality of some games on them. Sure there's a ton of shovel-ware, but games like N.O.V.A, Six Guns, Dead Trigger, and more are easily console quality titles (at least PSN/XBLA, and for those prices).

RaikRhythm2011d ago

Some mobile games are okay, and they suit that platform. I like Jetpack Joyride, Angry Birds, Temple Run and other cool games like that,

But as I stated above, the mobile is not a place for full-blown RPGs like the FF games. Plus, it;s clearly nothing more than a money-grab by Square Enix.

I want to see Square Enix stop focussing on the games they USED to make and start making newer ones of that calibre for something with more than 3 hours of battery life. It's like they're trying to deflect the crappiness of some of their recent games and decisions by appeasing us with mobile games - except it's not working, and they don't seem to get that.

DarkBlood2011d ago

lol i forgotten about the ps1 game but if a chance for physical release im taking it

DarkZane2012d ago

Instead of doing those things, just finish Versus XIII and release it. Then, your company can die for all I care.

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