Media Create software sales (12/10 – 12/16)

Media Create published the latest software sales from Japan.

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False-Patriot1769d ago

In regard of sales only. But we gamers play games, not sales, right?

Hicken1769d ago

Not this gen, we don't.

At least, we play sales when it suits us, this gen.

Zodiac1769d ago

Yeah, because the gaming industry rides on the backs of Companies that bomb in sales, right?

But we gamers play games, not sales, right?

More sales means more people are playing.

Good sales are what gamers and companies want. A franchise can only exist if each game sells. Imagine how many franchises we would have if the first game bombed in the sales? We would have none.

People can preach the importance of graphics over gameplay, or gameplay over graphics, but the importance of sales is understood by ever gamer and everyone in the industry.

The most important part of the gaming industry? Sales. You people need to forget the idea of not caring about sales.

Hingle_Mcringleberry1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

So all those people buying GAMES are playing SALES and not the actual GAMES that they BUY?
What do we call those people if they aren't gamers? And what qualifies "us" as gamers and not them?
@Zodiac, I tip my hat to you sir. Very well put. Sales drive the industry. Funny I've never heard anyone complain about the Gran Turismo sales as far as this whole debate is concerned. People like to associate high sales with casual gamers unless the high sales in question concern a franchise that they support.

MikeMyers1768d ago

Sales are important, it will spur more involvement in that device. There are many great devices out that that have failed due to not doing well commercially. One thing that should be noted is the lack of Sony handheld software in the top 20. That's not a good sign in your home country.

So feel free disagreeing with that but is that more of an emotional response or a rational one? Software is what drives hardware.

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False-Patriot1768d ago


>> Good sales are what gamers and companies want <<
That is why the industry is suffering. The obsession with sales numbers is meaningless. There is no connection between the quality and the sales. I want good games, not good sales. People who think otherwise are only hurt the industry.

chukamachine1768d ago

That's what ninty does, floods the market.

wiiulee1768d ago

nintendoland is every matter all the hate and silliness cause they make great system and games