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New gameplay details emerge for the upcoming zombie game, State of Decay

Undead Labs answered a round of community questions, revealing new details for their upcoming zombie game, “State of Decay.” New gameplay elements were discussed pertaining to how players will control their community of survivors during the zombie apocalypse.

In order to take direct control of a survivor, players will have to earn enough trust with the character that they are considered a “family’ member in game terms. Reputation can be built for each survivor based upon actions in-game to make that specific character as happy and satisfied as can be expected in a world where the dead walk the earth. Once a survivor has been raised to the level of a family member, players may directly take control of that character at any time. All family members can be switched between active control by either directly talking to them or via the game’s Journal menu. Survivors below the “family” level of reputation may only be set on tasks where the game’s A.I. controls the character as opposed to the player. (State of Decay, Xbox 360)

SilentNegotiator  +   483d ago
We need a GOOD alternative to DayZ, as opposed to certain recent attempts.
ardivt  +   483d ago
I say we need dayz as a full release
deadfrag  +   483d ago
Horrible jaggies on those graphics!
Rivitur  +   483d ago
That's the Cry engine 3... only problem I see is the character animations.
Kingdom Come  +   483d ago
For an Arcade title, I think the game looks superb. Fortify your camp, customise your character, build up your group, open world, and they're using this single-player title as a prototype for a multiplayer title of which promises 1000's of players on an individual server.

I've been hyped for this title since it's initial announcement.
Aeon  +   483d ago
Yup, same here, really hope it delivers, I think I may end up waiting for the PC version to arrive though... but I probably won't be able to hold out and I'll get the 360 version :P
BanBrother  +   483d ago
I have a feeling that this game will only run smoothly if you live in one of those lucky countries with half-decent internet. Which is pretty much every country above the southern hemisphere lol.

Looks promising. Definitely interested.
Kingdom Come  +   482d ago
The games an open-world single-player, Internet connection will have no involvement in its performance.
WetN00dle69  +   483d ago
Ahh man i cant wait to play Class 3 or rather State of Decay!!!!
Rivitur  +   483d ago
So this is "Class3" and will they still be releasing Class4 which is mp?
WetN00dle69  +   483d ago
Yes, Class4 will be the full on MMO. This, Class3 is kinda like a beta. It will be used to test the waters before they release the full retail product.
Jurat  +   481d ago
I love the idea of being able to build a small community of survivors, nurture them, protect them, then deal with the consequences of their loss. This will be the closest gamers get to a full on Walking Dead experience. Each of us will have our own unique little band of survivors to stress over.

(Takes me back to how I felt the first time I lost Jools and Jops in Cannon Fodder on the Amiga)

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