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Battlefield 3 End Game - Capture The Flag Returns, Dropships, And Other Details

MP1st - DICE has officially released some brand new details about their new upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC expansion, End game. (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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eliteslaya13  +   928d ago
I can already see the booby trapped flags.
venom06  +   928d ago
that what grenades are for... that means no more booby trapped flag.. These details sound GREAT!! and please for the love of God DICE, leave DINOS OUT of BATTLEFIELD!! Leave that arcadey, kiddy-type garbage in CoD where it belongs...
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JoGam  +   928d ago
Ok so what are Dinos? Please tell me your not referring to Dinosaurs?
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GuyThatPlaysGames  +   928d ago
It's funny how all the CoD haters/bashers always find a way to mention CoD in every article when CoD has nothing to do with it! Maybe you should grow up
omi25p  +   928d ago
Dinosaurs would be amazing. It would affect the main game so STFU
Hufandpuf  +   928d ago
Nothing a grenade or rocket can't fix.
Detoxx  +   928d ago
Man look what DICE is doing with just some DLC, it's epic. I can't imagine what BF4 is going to be like
ardivt  +   928d ago
yeah I really hate the concept of DLC but bf3 premium was totally worth it.
at least on pc. on consoles the armored kill mappack seems to be a bit boring with so few players on the giant maps.
DirtyLary  +   928d ago
I think it's been the only game worth a pass purchase.
Detoxx  +   928d ago
I play on console, and I love AK. As long as you know how to handle vehicles well there's alot of action to see.
Nafon  +   928d ago
Yep. Recently built a PC and wow, the AK maps are actually fun! Alborz was the worst on consoles, as it took the longest time to get around. Armored Shield wasn't too bad, though. Too bad I can't aim for shit with a mouse and i always push the wrong keys lol...
yoyo12121  +   926d ago
Yea this is the only game I actually pay for extra DLC

Let's face it in all the other games the DLC is crap this is the only game where the DLC is good

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