The New Fuse Trailer Has Made A Believer Out of Me | Cassidee takes a look at the new Fuse “Dalton’s Rules” trailer and shares her thoughts on the game, what it promises, and how it’s made her into a believer of Insomniac’s latest project.

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Root1796d ago

Well it had the opposite effect on pretty much confirmed a no buy from me.

If a company EA is ruining one of your favorite developer then the best thing to do is not buy into it...if they see that their game, partnered up with EA isn't working they'll go back to Sony.

If I could of done the same before they bought Bioware I would of.

Godchild10201796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I don't think Insomniac will go back to developing for one system with their new IPs. I think they love being able to bring their products to more than one set of audiences.

Am I mad that they left developing games for Sony to partner with EA? A little, but I think they are better off with them, then with Activison. Or Sony for marketing and the amount of money they might/will be making with a bigger audience. It could also back fire on them because, they are not doing anything different, then what they could have done with Sony.

While their games are new, their direction is still the same.

I liked the trailer, I just don't know how well the Co-Op will be and that is what I am worries about.

HebrewHammer1796d ago

Insomniac had creative freedom at SCEA. Clearly, they don't with EA.

If I was Ted Price, the choice would be pretty clear: go back to Sony.

Ilovetheps41796d ago

My issue with their new partnership is that it seems like their creativity is being limited. It seems like EA is controlling a ton of their game design. Based on past projects with Sony, it seemed like they were given much more room for creativity when they were exclusive to Sony. I'm not disappointed in the fact that they are multiplat. I'm disappointed by the fact that their creativity is being limited. This game is starting to look too generic. Insomniac is not generic.

TheDivine1796d ago

Insomniac had creative freedom at Sony? Are you kidding? Sony made them release a yearly Ratchet for 10 years steady. Then with the ps3 Sony made them ditch whatever they wanted to make a realistic fps similar to Halo. Sony made Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch make ralistic action games to compete with Gears and Halo.

Not saying the outcome was bad because it wasnt but im saying they didnt have the freedom to make the game they wanted in the genre they wanted. It was make a shooter that looks like this period.

rdgneoz31796d ago

@TheDivine What is "ralistic" and when did Halo become an action game?

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OmegaSlayer1796d ago

I think Sony should have funded this instead of Resistence 2 & 3 to try to give PS3 players an alternative to Gears Of War.

ginsunuva1796d ago

If we wanted gears of war we would've bought an xbox by now. It's been 7 years.

abzdine1796d ago

Insomniac are sinking seriously for a few years, the last good game they made is R3. The 2 last Ratchet games are way below average, and this Fuse seems very very mediocre.

cleft51796d ago

Yeah lets not support Insomiac and maybe they can be the next THQ and EA can just outright buy all their IPs. Think about your statement. Not buying this game hurts Insomiac, not EA. I will keep an open mind and hope that the game is good. Once I have more information then I will decided if I want to buy or rent it.

MikeMyers1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Hey Root, how about we wait until the product is released before all the doom and gloom? How about we actually give the game a chance before we label it as another EA game and not a game solely for what it is without the branding?

I guess that's too much to ask from gamers of today.

Root1796d ago

Urgh...what is it with people like you

If you know a game is going to be bad or fail then whats wrong with stating it

Look at some people saying how "it looks good" or "looks interesting" how can they make judgment without playing it but I can't.

It looks generic
EA are ruining them
EA are pulling the strings
It's coming out the same time as Gears of War
It's coming out the same time as God of War
It looks nothing like something these guys would make

It's going to crash and burn

MikeMyers1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Root, nevermind. Looking into all of your posts and there is a common theme. You are a very negative person. I hate EA, I hate Resident Evil 6, I hate how franchises are going, I hate this, I hate that.

Perhaps you should read up on things instead of coming to your own conclusion because you have a beef with EA or Activision. Insomniac wants to create their own intellectual property, one that they own and control. They are using EA to promote and distribute the game because EA are a huge publisher. You have no idea what went on with Sony other than they were just making games for the same franchises. You have no idea if this is like Bungie where they want to break free and do something else.

I love the comment about people like me. You're right, God forbid anyone having an open mind. People have written this game off as soon as they announced their next game would be multiplatform. The same thing happened with the team behind Heavenly Sword. As soon as they announced their next game wasn't going to be a PS3 exclusive all the negativity came about. But yeah, people like me are the real problem.

Root1795d ago

Mike go cry some obviously like being an arse to people.

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kungfuian1796d ago

The game may end up good fun but I hate the art style and color palette. It looks so generic it's hard to believe this is an insomniac product!!!

colonel1791796d ago

It's like you read my mind. That's exactly what I was thinking!..

I wish next generation we have another popular genre. Just like N64 was platformers, this gen shooters, hopefully next gen something else.

SAE1796d ago

hope it's open worlds xD

strigoi8141796d ago

Saw some gameplay and its a meh for me..sorry but the idea is too resistance alike kind of shooter

sandman2241796d ago

If it has multiplayer I might think about it.

shackdaddy1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Their original idea looked WAY better

Seeing this trailer just confirmed that, once again, EA kills IPs

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