‘Resident Evil 6′ Sales Below Expectations: Should Future ‘RE’ Games Return to Form?

At the time of the Resident Evil 6 release, Capcom was confidently touting over-the-top action in their latest flagship survival horror installment. However, after a mixed-to-negative response from critics (read our Resident Evil 6 review) and uninspired word-of-mouth from faithful gamers, the publisher began to significantly tweak the recently released title – undoing a number of clear-cut design decisions: adding a co-op character for the “solo” Ada campaign and expanding the auto-assist QTE option to all difficulties, among other updates.

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Root2104d ago

They should but they won't, Capcom are too proud, they don't want to admit that they were wrong so they will keep pushing this horrible new direction, Sqaure Enix is the same with Lightning and FF13.

If they do I'd rather they reboot it, start from the begining again, theres no way I would want them to continue in the old form after how much RE6 screwed everything up with it's terrible plot and what they did to much loved characters.

Start from the beginging, manison incident, same story, same characters, but change things around that will impact future RE games and make the story differn't.

Mansion dosen't blow up at the end of RE - Zombies/Experiments wander into Raccoon City - Outbreak starts earlier with STARS team still inside City etc ....go from there, it would change Leons story, Sherrys, Adas, Claire, Carlos and thats just by one small change in the first game.

LOGICWINS2104d ago

"They should but they won't, Capcom are too proud, they don't want to admit that they were wrong"

They will if they see that its costing them money.

abzdine2103d ago

the customer needs to understand that it's him who decides cause there will be no capcom without customers and fans. you are not happy about the product dont buy it and for sure they will feel it.

Capcom are not too proud they are just a bunch of liars. Remember their excuse post RE5 release about the fact that it's not possible to aim and move at the same time? they said it was something classic and RE wouldnt feel like one if they removed that.. guess what they did with RE6..... -_-

So they go back to the roots or they go bankrupt.. Mikami SOS!!!!

Hatsune-Miku2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

I would buy this game if they release a vita version with co op like on the consoles

ABizzel12103d ago


Are you saying they need to go back to stop and shoot? If so I highly doubt that's what's wrong with Resident Evil.

RE6 just wasn't a Resident Evil game. It was a decent action game set in the world of Resident Evil. I don't dislike the new Resident Evil style (RE4, RE5, and RE6), but they need to tone it down a bit. Maybe 70% classic mixed with 30% current would be the magic formula.

1. They need to re-introduce horror back into the franchise.

2. They need to work on co-op in a completely different way. Co-op is fun, but it takes away from the horror of the games. I think what they did in RE6 where 4 of the characters would meet up during a boss fight is something they should do instead of full co-op. Have people play through the campaign's as a single player, and then at times you meet up with another character to progress through that area, then go your separate ways. That would be better than full on campaign co-op.

3. If you must keep campaign co-op (since a lot of people like it) then have the option to turn it off. That's the best of both worlds.

4. Action controls are fine, but an action game isn't. I don't want to go back to the old control style, I prefer the update to the controls, and they make the game play seamlessly. However, I don't want to be a super solider that runs through hordes of zombies. Limit the ammo like the old games, add more melee weapons, and balance the enemies out to where they aren't bullet sponges so the game is more survival horror than it is action.

5. Capcom needs to drop the QTE's (get rid of them all together).

6. Have a single setting and stick to it. Raccoon City was great because you were in a city filled with zombies, and trying to find your way out. That already builds tension, but when you flying from Washington to China to the mountains it takes away from the horror and turns it into action again. Pick a single location, and stick to it.

7. Learn from the competition. You have the cast of characters now build the game;

Open World: Dead Island has a good setting, but an Open World Racoon City would be amazing. On top of that co-op would be even better, since people could be able to spawn in at completely different points on the map, and run around the city on their own keeping the horror intact.

Character interaction: The Walking Dead is amazing, because every character's fate is in your hands. With RE7 take notes from TWD. You can save people who may be able to help you later, give you ammo, herbs, or access to locked rooms. Or you can leave them and save yourself, and come back to steal what they had on them.

Story: Make the game survival horror and seriers, not action-adventure and summer blockbuster.

Survivors: THe main cast, and villains can't be the only ones to make it out. Have NPC's out there that are trying to make it out as well. They make the whole game more believable.

I know these are big changes for the franchies, but I think these changes are the ones that will move it from the standard RE, up to a true next-gen successor.

ABizzel12103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Story: Make the game survival horror and SERIOUS, not action-adventure and summer blockbuster.

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Ghoul2103d ago

Companys are profit and revenue driven
They will do whatever helps the cashflow

People really think big companys these days follow a certain opinion or moral...
If the new resident evil makes less money they WILL change it to something they think will sell.

If that means a roll back to the old is pure speculation

hot4play2103d ago

"Start from the beginging, manison incident, same story, same characters, but change things around that will impact future RE games and make the story differn't. "

I dont agree with this. That would just f*** up the story and characters even more. I feel we don't need to revisit the mansion (again). That's beating a dead horse. Let's close the book on the whole mansion/STARS/Umbrella saga already and really start fresh. NEW characters, NEW setting but keep the spirit/atmosphere.

Besides, they already tried doing that with the Chronicles sub-series and O:RC and look how those turned out :/

Tdmd2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Yeah, but they didn't really tried, did they? A on-rails FPS and a third person squad shooter done by one of the worst developers this gen?

I agree with you both. Should they dish the action and went back to the horror, I'd be just as happy with a reboot as I would with a new setting.

raiden-492103d ago

Yea but keep Barry Burton.

hot4play2103d ago

Or REmake 2 + 3 similar to the Gamecube games - that would be sick! Its what a lot of fans really want anyway ryt? ;)

Dude totally agree, Barry hasnt had a proper game yet (and he's underutilized as a character) Wouldnt it be cool if they make a game starring him where you have to rescue your family in an old European city (gothic buildings, abandoned subways)? :]

Root2103d ago

How would that screw up the characters more, your starting again fresh when the characters are young again

It means more Barry Burton, Rebbeca Chambers and Carlos.

Sure the first game would look like another remake but with added features but the sequels would change drasticaly.

It would mean they would be able to fix problems, lets look at RE4 for example and the plagas

What if Umbrella see the Plagas as a threat and instead of keeping it they decided to destroy it by wiping out the whole village earlier...meaning they don't kidnap Ashley and RE4 dosen't even more stupid plagas.

hot4play2103d ago


"How would that screw up the characters more, your starting again fresh when the characters are young again "

Hmm, sounds familiar... DmC anyone? Lol, this is Capcom we're talking about you know :p
I'd take a REmake of 2 than a total reboot. Feels too much like the last Star Trek movie. Or Groundhog Day. Alternate timelines don't fit the RE universe But that's just my opinion of course (coming from a jaded fan).

Anyway, thanks for sharing your ideas/comments. Oh well, at least there's Project ZWEI to look forward to.

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CDzNutts2103d ago

But at least Square Enix is pushing Western flavor a bit more with titles like Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider.

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PopRocks3592104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

They don't need to return to form. They just need to be fun and not broken like every main game up to and including 5.

Kamikaze1352104d ago

Just be consistent and release something good. RE6 was all over the place. Leon's campaign wasn't bad....if the entire game was like that, I'm sure it would have done a better.

phantomexe2104d ago

leon's mission was great it reminded me alot of old times. survival horror is the route they need to go. Back to the basics and what made it great.

ritsuka6662103d ago

leon's mission was great it reminded me alot of old times"

Nope.none of the campaigns in RE6 will rekindle the experiences of playing RE1, 2, or 3 for the first times if that's what you're after. You're better off revisiting those originals if you want that kind of RE experience. If you want michael bay game, RE6 is your game.

OCEANGROWNKUSH2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Leon's campaign was terrible in my opinion, the elements that they transparently attempted to mimic were poorly executed. His campaign was still action oriented, completely linear, and the "puzzle" elements (if you can REALLY call them that) were mindless, boring drivel... Shoot the bell towers? really??? Push a button on an arrow shooting statue over and over? Really??? find the key/keycard, then tell me exactly where it is? Really???

Worse of all the game just isn't scary! RE6 is garbage, point blank period. Even if this game wasn't a "Resident Evil" title, and marketed as a new ip, it would be addressed the same. The core gameplay, and game design just simply isn't good.

Snookies122104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Yes, please for the love of god yes! Go back to what made it GOOD in the first place...

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