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Emilio_Estevez1818d ago

Looks pretty good, I'm more interested now.

Catoplepas1818d ago

I does. And it most probably will be.

Won't stop people bitching though.

Outside_ofthe_Box1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

It's not "b****ing." Just because people don't share the same opinion as you doesn't mean they are b****ing.

This trailer completely turned me off. It looks like a 13-2 expansion pack. I hope this game flops. Square Enix needs a real good lesson. They can't just ride on the Final Fantasy name forever. They need to start actually making good games and actually start making games that people are asking for. No one asked for a FF13 trilogy.

rainslacker1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

It is bitching when people complain about it before they know anything about it. As soon as the game was announced people complained, and SE hardly said anything about it. Most of the hate this game is getting is because it's a sequel to a less than loved FF, and not because of any real aspects of it's game play or story.

Not a single one of these articles can show up without people mentioning how bad they thought FF13 was, or how they want versus.

Some of us are actually interested in this game. And it would be nice to have a real discussion on it without it devolving into a hatefest for SE. Seriously, go to their forums where at least your complaining might make a difference.

Outside_ofthe_Box1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Um no.

If one can say "Looks pretty good" and "it most probably will be" with the current amount of info revealed then one can say the game looks terrible based off of the same info.

***"Most of the hate this game is getting is because it's a sequel to a less than loved FF, and not because of any real aspects of it's game play or story."***

Ummm... if it's a sequel to a terrible game then the game is on bad footing from the moment it is revealed by default. The story is continuing on with the previous horrible story that ended in "to be continued" lol. Granted the story in Lightning Returns could turn out to be good, but don't act like it is totally unreasonable for people to think that Lightning Returns will continue the lame o story trend that FF13 and 13-2 started. As for the gameplay I agree that people should have at least waited until we have seen the battle system in action as SE said that Lightning Returns was using a new battle system, but now we have a first glimpse of the battle system and in my opinion it didn't look impressive at all.

Stop acting like the criticism is baseless. Lightning Returns has A LOT to prove. People weren't hating on the first FF13 when it was initially revealed, but now that Square Enix has been churning out bad FF after bad FF people are obviously not going to like a new FF that is a sequel to an FF they hate especially when there is another FF game that they'd rather have SE put their FULL resources into. I hope this game flops. SE needs a serious lesson.

If you're interested in Lightning Returns then good for you. However, there are others that don't and them expressing their opinion is not b****ing. It you don't like it then just freaking .

rainslacker1818d ago

Who says Final Fantasy XIII was a bad game? You? I say the first was an OK game, not the best I've played this gen, but far from terrible. The first has an 83 meta-critic score, the second has a 79, even though the second was arguably a much better game. Still both those scores are decent enough to not be considered a bad game.

That being said, yes XIII had it's flaws, and they should be noted. It should also be noted that most of the flaws people complained about were fixed with the second game, so obviously they listened to the criticism.

I don't decry the criticisms that some people throw out for this game or series of games. I decry the way they spew out their nonsense basing an entire game on nothing but speculation and personal biases. Complaining about this game will not get Versus released any faster, and complaining about this game will not change anything about this game. It may have some effect on their future projects, but not if they are presented here in a discussion forum that SE will never see.

On top of all that, your reasons for why people have the right to complain are all subjective. While I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, N4G is not representative of what quite a few Final Fantasy fans actually think of this series. Lightning herself is well received with that community, and the game overall is not hated on. As such it would be nice if just one of these articles for this game could go without someone making completely unnecessary remarks about it's quality, Versus, or SE as a whole.

What's really sad is that if FF XIII didn't carry the Final Fantasy name, it would have been heralded as one of the best RPG's this gen. Final Fantasy games have a long legacy to live up to. XIII wasn't quite there, but in no way was it a sub-par game.

Irishguy951817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

No way Raislacker, FFXIII was TERRIBLE. I do not give a **** about brand names, good game = good game for me regardless of name or expectations. It was just ****, when a tutorial is 20 hours long, it is crap. It is literally the most tedious and repetitive game I have played this gen...and I played Assassins creed 1!

rainslacker1817d ago


That's a fair assessment, although strongly worded. Although by your reasoning that means every Final Fantasy since 7 has been crap because they all had tutorials up to 20 hours in as new skills and game play mechanics were introduced. I will concede though that those games did at least have more engaging game play.

As far as game play goes, the only thing I really found tedious were the C'ieth Stone missions, which sadly were the only thing to do outside the main storyline. To each their own I guess.

The story of XIII was deep and complex, however very poorly delivered, and there was a complete lack of character development, which is a shame because the characters could have been pretty interesting. The game was also extremely linear, and thus repetitive. Much of this was improved upon in the second game to varying degrees.

My point of all this though was what does all that have to do with 13-3? What does Versus have to do with 13-3? People were complaining about it as soon as it was announced, and that was because of their personal opinions and biases of the first game and SE in general. How many discussions have you seen about 13-3 that haven't been hijacked by the Versus/SE haters crowd? At what point are all these haters thinking they're making a difference, hoping that SE will change their ways because of these complaints? Isn't it infinitely more likely that they just ignore them because they aren't offering anything new?

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Root1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Looks terrible just like the other two

It honestly amazes me how many people, especialy on here are being suckered into this AGAIN

"Oh it looks good, Oh I can't wait, This looks great this time, They will deliver"....

...just stop it, you said the same with FF13-2 and all those BIG major improvments Square bragged about for ages were in the end small minor improvments to FF13, thats all and yet still people are still being suckered into it.

Most of us moan about what Sqaure Enix does but it's our own fault at the end of the day since most of us like to keep giving them our money. Yet if you take a stand we get people like Catoplepas for example saying people are "b*******" when there not, they just know history is obviously going to repeat it's self, it's the last one in Lightnings trilogy they want to sucker people one last time, but still to FF13 fans it's like "You can't voice YOUR opinion unless it's possisitve", sorry but what fair logic is that. I understand if FF13 was amazing and you were trolling by saying it was bad by being in the minority but were guys are in the minority.

Jeez...come on people wake up, spend your money on games where the developer/studio deserve it. Reward the people who actually have worked their arses off to please us.

Catoplepas1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Wow, you're really on a roll with the imbecilic assessments.

For a start your incredibly puerile mimicking, "Oh it looks good, Oh I can't wait, This looks great this time, They will deliver" is once again baseless. I didn't say those things, and even if I did I certainly wouldn't of prefaced my statements with "this time" since I enjoyed the last two entries. As did a lot of other people. Deal with it, sweetheart. I guess we've been "suckered" into playing another game we enjoy.


Anyway it looks far from terrible. And the similarities are few and far between as I've previously pointed out to you. The battle system is appears to be entirely different, as is the approach to exploration. So your observations are once again, you guessed it, baseless.

By the way, you still haven't answered my questions from the previous thread.

Root1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

"For a start your incredibly puerile mimicking, "Oh it looks good, Oh I can't wait, This looks great this time, They will deliver" is once again baseless. I didn't say those things"

That wasn't aimed at you if you actually read it, instead of having a hissy fit. I meant people in general like you.

"The battle system is appears to be entirely different, as is the approach to exploration."

See this is what I'm talking about...they made FF13-2 look like it was going to improve on those things a ton and they failed to deliver, they bigged them up to trick people into buying it and they're doing it again. With what you've just said it appears to be working. Developers can say anything if they want you to buy into a product look at the War Z fiasco for example, they said a ton of things to make people buy the game and they failed to deliver

As I've said though people like you, the ones who like FF13, just put your fingers in your ears and yell "LALALALA" untill people stop calling it. The games are bad...the majority of people, judging by how much it's hated on and how much of a let down it was, think so meaning you guys are the minority. The rest of us are waiting for Versus, Kingdom Hearts 3, Type-0 or FFX HD but were waiting longer for these games because people like keep egging them on to make this crap.


Oh by the way, I'm "puerile", your acting more childish them me in your post. I mean thowing a tantrum because someone else has a differn't opinion to you, this is what I'm getting out, you can state your opinions "Oh this looks good" but you target the ones who say something bad and bash them for it....oh and calling me sweetheart...really.

torchic1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )


this is such a baseless rant.

wow I'm not the biggest fan of the Final Fantasy XIII sequels but I know they're decent games.

"come on people wake up, spend your money on games where the developer/studio deserve it"

what, Square Enix don't deserve people's money just because you don't like their games? I can tell you one thing for sure, at least Square Enix delivers games which are polished, and don't need launch day patches, i.e. games that actually work. you treat them as though they're some kind of Bethesda, knowingly selling broken games to people with bugs that don't allow us to finish the game. and on top of that like I said the games are actually decent, not "PSone Final Fantasy amazing" but still decent and enjoyable, 7 or 8 out of 10 games. I can name you many developers that fit your description of being that bad but definitely not Square Enix, you just sound butthurt for whatever reason.

ado9081818d ago


Admit it. It was aimed at him and you only say that it wasn't because he proved you wrong. If he enjoys the game and his opinion is that the game is good then why not leave him be? Does he have to like what you like? If you do not like the game then leave this article and stop throwing a hissy fit over it. You are given the option to not buy it and there are many other RPG games out there. Why must you indulge people to dislike a game because you dislike it. Who gives you the permission anyways?

Alright besides that. The game does not look like it caters anything new from Final fantasy XII and XII-2. Definitely does not look like they are trying to go back to their old roots like with Final Fantasy VII. Hopefully Final Fantasy Versus 13 comes out soon. Been dying to play it already but come on stop focusing on this series and focus what the fans want square Enix.

Root1817d ago

Urgh....What are you guys talking about, it wasn't aimed at him, if it was I would of replied to him

See FF13 will do anything to try and "prove" you wrong.

He never proved me wrong because their was nothing to prove. FF13 fans are just rallying together because their precious game is being talked about negatively.

You obviously don't want to admit Square is trying to sucker you in one last time.

Get a grip, all of you, see you all when the game does crap in reviews and sales :)

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betan211818d ago

I'm still not interested thank u SE ^^

Flandy1818d ago

Fitting that the frame rate is about 13 :l

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