EA Forcing High Price For Fifa Street 3 At GAME

EA are forcing GAME to sell FIFA Street 3 (which is release tomorrow - Friday) at a high price point. Reasoning behind this stems from the fact EA is refusing the sell the title to GAME at the lower price publishers usually offer to retail, thus meaning GAME has no other option but to charge the high price point to make a profit on the sale.

Furthermore, GAME will not be supporting the title in-store, refusing to display prominently, only displaying the game on it designated chart position for the week, and not pricing matching on the game due to the possibility of making a loss of the sale.

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resistance1003953d ago

Im calling FAKE on that.

Point 1 - GAME don't price match
Point 2 - there website is selling it for £39.99.
Point 3 - GAME instore often charge full RRP for first weekend anyway.

kornbeaner3953d ago

IF true, just don't sell the game. refuse to carry it at all.

zdonit3953d ago

I am no expert on this, but if they did that I am sure EA would then refuse access to other games in the future. I think GAME are just making the best of a bad situation

kornbeaner3953d ago

My understanding is that GAME is a UK store. The only thing that EA has with mass appeal is FIFA, but there are alternatives to that franchise, pro evolution (winning 11 not sure if they are the same) Futbol (soccer). As a business owner I would not let one company such as EA to screw me only for me to turn around and screw my customers. In the end I would have to deal with having no more customers not EA. So theres my reason for it. If EA would then not want me to carry their product o'well, I guess I have more room for Nintendo, Sony, MS, Ubisoft and many other publishers to fight over.

dfcm20033953d ago

I promise you, this will not effect me. I will not buy a EA game. lol