Unannounced THQ titles outed, next game from ‘Left 4 Dead’ creators included

The unfortunate news of THQ declaring bankruptcy has shaken the industry in a number of ways, but one of the most recent repercussions is the reveal of four of the company’s unannounced titles currently in development.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Can't wait to see!

I hope THQ get back on their feet they make new content and love pc!

Lionheart3771885d ago

Same here, buddy. They have some fantastic IP.

1885d ago
prototypeknuckles1885d ago

im with you on that they made some games that i like a lot and dareksiders is shaping up to be a good franchise, it would be a shame to see THQ go.

a_squirrel1885d ago

To fix broken link, just remove the extra %20%20 at the end of the url.

Mounce1885d ago


Simply remove the %20%20 at the end, Tada!

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bennoboster1885d ago

1666 sounds potentially pretty interesting. The Great Fire of London + Patrice Desilets could be great.

ALLWRONG1885d ago

link is broken use for now

rickybadman1885d ago

Every top tier Pub will be in a bidding war to get this game.

Soldierone1885d ago

Sounds like THQ is doing what we all want, they just ran into not having the yearly milk to do it. All these brand new titles, and THQ striving to do something "better" than average. This is what EA and Activision fear, so nothing ever happens. They rather release yearly milk and be happy with that.

My bet is, if they get these out, the company will be fine. They just need to get some of them into yearly release slots, then keep innovating the new titles.

DeadlyFire1885d ago

Well Saints Row is in a every other year slot it seems which is fine. RF used to be that other title until they killed it with Armageddon. They could have done so much more with the Red Faction series.

Roccetarius1885d ago

I actually thought Armageddon was better than Guerilla's predictable game. Maybe the destruction shouldn't have been toned down so much.

Anyways, Armageddon could still benefit from more gameplay outside.

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