Does a handheld game ever have a chance to win ‘Game of the year’?

SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced control-us writes:
To piggyback of the recently written “Does a sports title ever have a chance to win ‘Game of the Year’?” (again). I again dive into the notion of another non-traditional concept — a handheld game winning ‘Game of the Year’. And a handheld game possibly being soooo good that it beats out a console title or any other title on any other platform for that matter.

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SactoGamer1822d ago

If a relief pitcher can win MLB's Cy Young award, then a handheld game has a chance to win GotY.

darthv721822d ago

arent there different classifications? Meaning that you can have a console GotY as well as a portable GotY?

If we are trying to make this whole "GotY" like other awards then it all depends on the nominations. There is song of the year, artist of the year and album of the year. All distinct titles that can have different winners.

To say there cant be a portable GotY as well as a console GotY is like discrediting the other awards such as artist or album or song of the year.

Maybe in games, because it has become so diverse now, they can actually have those distinctions.

krazykombatant1822d ago

I see your argument but at the same time aren't relief/starting pitchers different breeds??

ABizzel11822d ago

Yes, but technical limitations often limit them from rivaling their console / PC brethren.

For a handheld game to win GOTY it has to go above and beyond traditional handheld titles. Perfect example would be if something like journey came to a handheld then it would have a chance, but then again I think there's a bias against handheld, so it'll take a truly unbiased site / group of people to give a handheld it's fair shot at GOTY.

Baylex1822d ago

@ darthv72

Comparing music, artists and albums it's the same as comparing games, consoles and publishers...

They're different awards but in the same theme.

But a game is a game. Even an iOS or an android game could run up for the GotY. They're games! But they have to be really good to earn those titles...

It's my humble perpesctive about the matter..

k-dillinger1822d ago

I dunno mostly not goty awards are extremely bias most of the time its against Japanese games they don't even acknowledge Japan games which is sad the American gaming industry is very disgusting

rainslacker1822d ago

Does it even really matter? As far as I know there is no industry wide award show similar to the Grammy's or academy awards. Every site has their own list, and while some games make a lot of those lists, there is no real established award ceremony, making it all based on individual biases and opinions. Spike's VGA's might be the closest thing we have, but it's more a marketing fest than anything that's peered reviewed like the academy awards.

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showtimefolks1822d ago

if a game is good enough it shouldn't matter whether its on a home console or handheld

LOGICWINS1822d ago

I'm sure there are some people out there that gave a handheld game their GOTY award.

Oh_Yeah1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

If a psn title like the walking dead can then yes, I don't see why a handheld game can't.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1822d ago

I guess...

But most handheld games are designed to be quick on the go fun.

Nodoze1822d ago

No. Next question please.

tachy0n1822d ago

Gravity Rush has a GOTY award in japan....

PopRocks3591822d ago

I guess it depends on whether GOTY covers console games specifically or all games. If it covers all games, then yes, a handheld game should have just as much of a chance.

Look at this year; Telltale's Walking Dead winning the award created a huge upset because people are used to big budget AAA type games to win.

LOGICWINS1822d ago

It wasn't really an "upset". Many predicted that it would win considering its popularity with critics. Heck, I predicted it would win and I haven't even played the game yet.

ABizzel11822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

The thing is The Walking Dead and Journey were the GOTY for the vast majority of people.

I think critics and a lot of gamers are realizing that they finally want something new. Halo 4 was great, but it was more Halo. I loved Borderlands 2 and beat it by myself in 2 days, but it was more Borderlands.

People want new and refreshing experiences as well as the familiar, so COD will continue to sell millions, but it's GOTY days are over unless it completely revolutionize the FPS genre.

GOTY IMO really boiled down to The Walking Dead (technical problems aside), Journey (great, great, game), and Dishonored. And while I enjoyed Dishonored it was just missing that special something.

Next year's GOTY awards will truly be interesting because there are a lot of new games (Last of Us, Remember Me), as well as games that look to vastly improve their formula (Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider), and games that just scream high quality (GTA5, God of War).

Surprisingly 2013 is the year of the Horror genre. There are a bunch of Suspense/Horror games coming out.

Yodagamer1822d ago

Idk but revilations is a lot closer to goty status than re6,, heck it was one of my favorite this year

Snookies121822d ago

I only played the demo for RE: Revelations, but could EASILY tell it was 10x the Resident Evil game 6 is...

Y_51501822d ago

I played a demo for both. I wanted RE6 until I played the demo and Revelations demo made me want it.

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