Project Godus hits Kickstarter target two days from deadline

Project Godus, which aims to draw on the best aspects of classic Molyneux titles such as Populous and Dungeon Keeper, set a £450,000 target on Kickstarter for funding. Its initial funding surge slowed as the Kickstarter period matured, leading to fears it might not reach its goal; Molyneux said belief that he is rich enough to fund the game himself harmed its progress.

At time of writing, the project has 44 hours on the clock and has reached a total of £453,110, with over 14,500 backers.

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Anon19741979d ago

Populous and it's sequel were two of my favourite games of all time. I was more than happy to contribute to this Kickstarter and was pleased to see it hit it's funding goal. Can't wait to see Molyneux return to the genre he helped create.