Black Ops 2 Boosting Methods Caught and Exposed

For some odd reason, multiplayer shooters bring out the worst in some people. You'll come across racist assholes, arrogant scumbags, cheaters and even boosters.
No matter how much you hate them, the people mentioned above are almost always part of the online community of a multiplayer FPS game and in particular -- Call of Duty games. For Black Ops 2, it's no different. I've come across people who were abusive, racists and even those who cheated their way to good stats (boosters).

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KangarooSam1816d ago

Hold up, people cheat in video games?

What a revelation. /s

donman11815d ago

COD is notorious for this.


I don't care and I hate cheaters

InTheLab1816d ago

I don't understand the point of boosting. Is it for gold weapons or the top spot in the leaderboards????

Either way, both cases are sad...

Dark_Overlord1816d ago

Yep, but if devs didn't add stupid requirements for online trophies with piss poor MP, then there would be no need to boost.

e.g show me 1 person in the whole world who has legitimately earned the platinum on Far Cry 2

SirBradders1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Does this work on ps3?

EDIT: I wanna be a booster hunter

Shmotz1816d ago

Just tried it. Yes it does.

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