Why Mega Man 2 is one of the greatest games ever made

GamesRadar - When making a list like GamesRadar’s best games ever, 8-bit era games were often trumped by their more-refined 16-bit era follow-up. But there are a handful of games that, despite their modest appearance, remain some of the most satisfying expressions of a genre more than 20 years later. Mega Man 2 is just such a game.

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NexGen1953d ago

100% spot on. I played it again the other day, and it is still amazing.

tweet751953d ago

its a perfectly balanced game. The challenge level is just right. The graphics and sound amazing in the day and stand up well even by todays standards.

Tres211952d ago

i love this game i still remember the 1st time i got it in my easter basket when i was lil