Could Final Fantasy Versus XIII be in development for the PS4? What Would your Reaction be?

By Furious Francis, editor in chief

Final Fantasy Versus XIII…. I almost want to have a moment of silence anytime I mention the game because it’s been so long since the game was announced. This was by far was my most anticipated game of the current generation right next to Super Smash Bros Brawl and Mass Effect 2. The game now seems like Vaporware…. or is it being developed for the PS4? We're going to take a look at the development cycle of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and the possibilities of it being on the PS4. We want to know how you would react if the game was announced as a PS4 title. Please put your comments below.

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kalkano1946d ago

With the amount of hype surrounding this game, Sony would be wise to convince SE to make it PS4 exclusive. That would get their new system off to a booming start.

Godchild10201946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

That, The Last Guardian and Agent would set the system on fire. I would also like to see it come to the PS3, at a later date(It would piss people off). I know it would be a little backwards, but it will let those get a taste of what is on the PS4 and also, increase overall revenue for both the Publisher and Sony.

EDIT: If anything it will be the other way around and we will see it on PS3 first and then the PS4.

crxss1946d ago

no way this game is on ps4. just check out the graphics. it would also not be in their best interests to not make it on ps3.

StanLee1946d ago

Didn't know people were still hyped for this game. I gave up after not seeing anything the past 2 years. Agent and The Last Guardian I've also lost interest in. Haven't seen or heard anything about Agent since it was announced and the news surrounding The Last Guardian has been more negative than positive.

ABizzel11946d ago

At this point I don't care.

FACTUAL evidence1946d ago

At this rate, they just need to take the tools and resources from this game and just make FFXV before the end of this console gen, or beginning of the next gen. I've lost any potential hype I had left for this game. Also, if this title is to be a tie in of XIII I'm seriously put off.

Irishguy951946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

They are making FFXV already, the guys who made FF12 are making it.(And have been for years, maybe since 08)

This gen

Versus or XIII-3 to come out first(I bet 13-3 summer 2013, and versus winter 2013), likely XIII-3
Then FFXV.

Edit---what Digital Raptor said down below, there is no indication that the game is in any trouble, it's just taking long, along with SE's focus on FFXIII and trying to recouperate it, Versus has only been given positive news and development updates(whenever they have been). We got a gameplay trailer almost 2 years ago, that trailer was OLD footage

1946d ago
NovusTerminus1946d ago

My reaction? At least we'd know it was still in development!

Shifting development between systems does not change as much now as it used to, the Luminous is designed for next gen. So porting over vsXIII's assets should not be all that hard, it will give them more room to work with the game as well.

I am fine either way.

Kur01946d ago

If development moves to PS4 then I can guarantee they will make it multi-platform to recoup costs.

j-blaze1946d ago

it would be great, but devs want to take advantage of millions of ps3 sold till now to sell their games, if SE want profit they SHOULD release the game this gen

andibandit1946d ago

No worries, PS3 users will receive one of these spinoffs:
FF Versus XIII Card Game
FF Versus XIII Karting.

Theyellowflash301946d ago

Yeah, I would love for this to be a PS4 game too. It would be one hell of a title to kick off next generation!

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