New scans shows off the first in-game screenshots for Lightning Returns

The full scan from VJump has surfaced online, including the first ever screenshots of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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jacksonmichael1980d ago

I don't even marginally care about this game. But that costume is boss.

majiebeast1980d ago

Seems square enix can do ps2 towns in HD what a horrible looking game. Did anyone see the battle scene in the trailer the background in that looks worse then Dollet in FF8.

ILive1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

I know you really hate the series, but your comment is just plain stupid. The game is not even scheduled to release till next year; its going to look unpolished. They still have a long ways to go but I think they are bringing it together. I don't care what anyone says: this game is going to be amazing. Can you people actually play it first before dismissing it based on the fact that you dislike the first 13, which was actually an amazing game. It stands as one of the best this Gen because of scale and amazing battles. 13-2 improved on it, but lost the longevity.

KingKelloggTheWH1978d ago

Why would you play a sequel to a game that sucked?That makes no sense,it even has the gloriously bland Lightning in it who looks worse then ever.

000011980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

"THIS GAME IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!1!"...said no one ever.

Edit: Here's the Official Trailer

this game looks like ass hahaha, what a waste of time..

Hanso1979d ago

Am i the only one who thinks lightning looks in her new dress like a porn queen?

Seriously SE ...

Godmars2901979d ago

Now if only:

#1 No one buys the game while complaining about why they're not buying it.

#2 Square actually listens and learns from #1.

Bimkoblerutso1979d ago

The duster + one-piece bathing suit seems like an odd combination to me, for some reason.