Another Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII scan shows first screenshots

A new, full-color and high-quality Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII scan from V-Jump clearly shows the first screenshots from the game.

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Ranma11980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Lol that outfit is ridiculous in those settings.

What happened to you Square Enix. I dont get why they refuse to listen to what most people want? Yet listen to what the minority want. Strange?

animegamingnerd1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

i agree i will not buy another square enix game that isn't from edios until they give us versus 13 or kingdom hearts 3 i might just rent this game from gamefly just like i did 13-2

Treian1980d ago

Ok. It will sell good without you still.

porkChop1980d ago

At this point Versus XIII has to be a next gen title. Which I think would be a good thing considering how ambitious the game is.

1980d ago
guitarded771980d ago


Still won't sell as good as if SE made a new FF game, and SE knows it. I would guess the percentage of FF fans that are excited for this title probably isn't that high. Like myself, many old school fans were disenchanted with XIII and XIII-2. I'll admit XIII-2 wasn't as bad as XIII, but it still wasn't good. The screenshots show urban environments, but I want to know how dynamic the environments... The XIII series has been all about eye candy, and not the FF experience.

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Root1980d ago

As someone pointed out yesterday that new design does look a lot like the one (I'm guessing) Stella wears at the end of the FF13 Versus trailer, the 6 minute one. It looks so similar...

Anyway they are just trying to sucker people in again one last time so they will buy the game, all these big new features will be nothing more then small minor things which will hardly add anything to the game

They only called it "Lightning Returns" because they know if they call it FF13-3, which it really is, they have less chance of suckering people into buying into it but with a name change they can make it seem like a brand new game with a ton of new features and replay value.

For me I think they just used the costume to try and make her even more appealing since her looks are the only good thing about her.

Irishguy951980d ago

That ain't Stella at the end it's... a Dragoon and a Special forces troop or something like that.

Quote "Stella will not wear something so revealing" or..yeah close enough

Also, yet again i'll wait to see if this one looks any good. Probably won't but...whatever, if it doesn't i'm just gonna skip again. It has potential though is all -

FACTUAL evidence1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

I just find this completely amazing how VSXIII was announced the same time as XIII, yet we managed to get two full spin offs on a game announced in 2005....SMFH...Goodbye Square Enix.

Blacklash931979d ago

It doesn't seem to be about what people want. Square is doing what it wants to, fans be damned, for better or worse.

I'd rather they be done with the XIII series and move on, but XIII-2 left on a ridiculous cliffhanger that pretty much obligated SE to create a new title for a finale.

doogiebear1979d ago

Persona, and the main Shin Megami Tensei series, is the new Final Fantasy now. New SMT/Persona games can sell consoles. Final Fantasy can barely even move 2 million units now (look at FF X-2).

Atlus is the new Squaresoft. I hope they stay popular, yet never go mainstream and redundant like Square-Enix (who has long lost any vision for it's franchises).

akechi_mitsuhide1979d ago

Agreed Ranma. I for the life of me don't know where the hell the company that created Xenogears and ff6 went. It's like building was raided by 15 yr old girls.

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betan211980d ago

its a rent for me also $60 no no no SE not from me

Catoplepas1980d ago

Oh look, the usual suspects grousing about a game they know fuck all about.

Pfft. It looks great, and it'll likely be a solid title. So at the end of the day, your loss.

Root1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )


You can judge a game before it comes out's Square Enix, they promised a ton of crap for FF13, they didn't deliver, they did the same with FF13-2, they didn't deliver...gee I wonder what FF13-3 will be like.

Remember when RE fans said the co-op would ruin RE5...look what happened

Remember when FF fans said FF13 looked nothing like a FF game and looked crap...look what happened

Remember when people said Lost Planet 2 looked rubbish...look what happened

Remember when people said EA would ruin Bioware...look what happened

I could go on...

I guess all you FF13 fans are the same, put your fingers in your ears and shout "LALALALALALA" untill they go away.

Catoplepas1980d ago

Ah well I bow before you, oh mighty informed one.

But just to sate my curiosity what "crap" have SE promised in relation to this game? For that matter what similarities, other than the protagonist, are there between the previous 2 titles and this one?

All sane speculation points to this being a semi open world action-RPG. Which is by no stretch of the imagination applicable as a genre to its predecessors.

So I ask, what basis do you pre-judge on?

No need to answer I already know. "It has teh numburz furtean in itz.".

TiberusX871980d ago

You're honestly telling me people don't get it wrong too?

The original Demon's Souls is a perfect example.

Aghashie1979d ago


heresy! how u dear to mention a Souls game in a FF13 related comment? cause I fear the wrath of the gaming gods, I wouldn't dare even for a comparison. may god cut your fingers with his mighty zweihander wearing full Havels armor.

(just having a little humor here, not being serious)

Talking about FF13. I didn't like the first two games. So, even if they dress Lightning like Sephiroth, I still won't buy it. Not even rent it. There is so many great games out there, why would I waste my time playing this one? I better revisit Bioshock or Dead Space and get prepared for the 3rd game on a good franchise. just my opinion.

doogiebear1979d ago

Next year were getting GTA V, MGS Rising, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, New Bioshock, possibly a new Persona game (Atlus hinted at it a lil while ago), and we're getting Shin Megami Tensei IV on the 3DS next year.

Plus were possibly getting new consoles. I don't have time to waste on Square-Enix and their stupid games. Final Fantasy used to be taken seriously. Now the characters look like cosplay rejects, are uninteresting, and the gameplay is boring, linear, and lame.

2013 will be a good year for gaming, no thanks to what Square is offering.

akechi_mitsuhide1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

with a name like catoblepas, I would have thought you knew what a good ff is. Sorry dude. It's guaranteed to suck, UNLESS you liked ff 13. Most of the people that are saying it will suck (like me) have played ff13 and can attest to its suckiness. Bring on the disagrees, teeny boppers who never played ff6 or ff4. Don't waste your time replying to me that you did play ff6, and ff13, is better, cuz no one sane would say that.

Catoplepas1979d ago

I have played both. In fact I've played nearly every entry since the series' inception. I never at any point said XIII was better than VI. I don't believe it is, though I still enjoyed both. The fact that you think you can only enjoy one or the other is beyond asinine.

As for your "teeny bobber" witticism, I've been playing games since before you were a twitch in your fathers balls. Perhaps when you get a little older you'll understand what it is to be objective.

akechi_mitsuhide1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Catoblepas you dumba$$, I wasn't talking to you about the tenny bopper comment. that was geared to any person to who the shoe fits. before you reply some internet gangster comment, send me a personal message, I live in Houston Texas Northside, if you live anywhere near ( and I hope you do) we can meet so I can whip your a$$. Twitch my balls in your mouth dumba$$. By the way "witticism" is not a word.

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silkrevolver1980d ago

I'm interested in what the gameplay is going to be like. Sounds interesting on paper.

I am very tired of XIII, though.

I'm not in the camp that despised XII, but enough is getting to be enough.

Tyrant131980d ago

That outfit is badass and the screenshots look great. Seems theres going to more freedom in this 13 than the other two.

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