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GR: A certain segment of fans would have you believe that Mass Effect 3 was the biggest disappointment in 2012, but we're here to spell it out for you. Mass Effect 3's fanboys are not part of the game. Don't let them keep you from finishing the fight against the Reapers. In fact, I recommend you do that well before you play Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

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ftwrthtx1914d ago

My biggest disappointment is Black Ops Vita.

knifefight1914d ago

Same here. That game wasn't even as good as the Medal of Honor games for PSP. Yeah, PSP has better shooters than that game, so I disagree when people say "hur dur it's the best handheld shooter ever!" because, um, no freaking way. O_O

porkChop1914d ago

How the fuck is Mass Effect 3 a runner up? Yeah, the ending was fucked. Yes it was. But that was only 15 minutes out of a 30 to 40 hour game. The rest of the game was amazing, and one of the best games this gen. Sure, everyone has their opinions, I understand that. But there's no way that ME3 could possibly be the biggest disappointment this year when there was so much crap that didn't even deserve to be released.

And about Operation Raccoon City. How was that a disappointment? Everyone could see months from release that it was crap, everyone already knew that before it released. That's why it sold poorly.

ritsuka6661914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Biggest Disappointment 2012"

Resident Evil 6. no contest here..