Top Ten Mega Man Games

SuperPhillip Central writes, "This week marks the 25th anniversary of Mega Man. Actually, Monday officially marked the 25h anniversary of Mega Man. Regardless, SuperPhillip Central is celebrating the Blue Bomber's birthday in style with a week of content. Today I have somehow managed to pick my ten favorite Mega Man games. There was a lot of them to thumb through, so this list was definitely a challenge to create. After you've read my picks, let your opinion be known in the comments section below."

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YourFlyness1794d ago

No Mega Man: Command Missions?

CrescentFang1794d ago

What a great game! It wasn't too long, but a great game to play! I loved Zero's fighting game like special inputs. And the party members as well

crxss1794d ago

I wished they'd bring back X. up until X6 was all pretty good.

wishingW3L1794d ago

I have it on GameCube but I don't have a GC nor a Wii and I wanna play it!

Venox20081793d ago

i think it came on ps2 too

zgoldenlionz1794d ago

Mega Man 2 all day every day.

CrescentFang1794d ago

Glad to see MM8, BN2 and MMZ2 on the list. One of my favorites is SF3 and it was a great game to finish a series.

majiebeast1794d ago

Megaman X love that game music is so good in it.

AznGaara1794d ago

WOOT! MMX was my first console game ever. Right when I unwrapped my SNES from the Christmas Tree it had MMX right next to it. A few years later I got a Playstation with MMX4.

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