Individual Wii U Game Pads go on sale for £89, translates to $144

Wii U Game Pads are now available for sale individually in the UK for £89. That price tag translates into $144 US dollars.


Turns out the retailer listing was a mistake and has since been removed.

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OneAboveAll2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Does it make coffee too?

Edit- I suggest everyone do their best not to screw up their gamepad less the wish to pay a fortune for a new one.

Snookies122010d ago

Looks like we now know what half that system price was... Lol

darthv722010d ago

they make more games to support multiple pads. I can actually see a new mario kart where the screen on the pad doubles as a rear view.

so you can see who is coming up behind and if you have a powerup like the banana peel or decoy box...drop it behind you to throw them off their game.

iamnsuperman2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

£89? It was around what I was expecting but I was hoping to be proven wrong. This pretty much proves than any two tablet game will only come from Nintendo as no 3rd party is going to assume that the majority of consumers are going to she'll out £89 for another controller (especially so early on or that it is absolutely necessary to do so)

Also very is a scam so don't buy from there. They will rip you off with hidden charges and spam amongst other things

grassyknoll2010d ago

That price is shocking, you can get a cheap 720p tablet for £50!

PopRocks3592010d ago

The Wii U gamepad is not a tablet though. It's a game console controller with a touch screen in the middle.

grassyknoll2009d ago

Meaning it should be cheaper, not more expensive!

Wolfbiker2010d ago

People bitch and then pay $200 for turtle beach head phones.

wiiulee2009d ago

bunch of clowns..i'll wait until nintendo announces the price..instead of fools running away with every gossip

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