Blu-ray player sales up seven-fold big-boss-man tells T3 that new Blu-ray punters have sky-rocketed, since the end of the format war. "There was a seven fold increase in Blu-ray player sales, on that day alone." said the Chief Operating Officer.

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Fishy Fingers3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

Seems a lot of people have been sitting on the fence just waiting for a format set in stone.

BigBoy20003948d ago

Let the widespread enjoyment of hi-def movies begin! God bless you blu-ray!

resistance1003948d ago

It also doesnt surprise me that are selling a sammmy blu-ray player for £199. Thats the cheapest i've ever seen one in the UK

masterg3948d ago

Lets see what this does for the PS3.
I think 10% is way understated. I'm thinking somewhere around 25%.