THQ’s CEO Jason Rubin confirms all major releases still on schedule

"Following news of THQ's financial acquisition by Clearlake Capital, CEO Jason Rubin has confirmed that we can still expect to see all major game releases next year on schedule."

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miyamoto1589d ago

poor Jason Rubin should just make Jak and daxter 4 instead of wasting his time on THQ

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1589d ago

yes he should be a dev instead of ceo? I would say no thanks..

Ilovetheps41589d ago

Isn't he the co-founder of Naughty Dog though? What was his position while he was at Naughty Dog?

Soldierone1589d ago

CEO of a company going into bankruptcy? Or a co-owner of a company rapidly climbing the tree to the top?

If money means everything, by all means milk the CEO position.

miyamoto1589d ago

ceo of a bankrupt company isn't pretty looking, dude

@iluvthe ps3
he is the co creator of
Naughty Dog
Crash B
Jak n Daxter

he still is raking money from ND's success though

dkgshiz1589d ago

Thats good to hear. I just want to play Metro Last Light.

Daver1589d ago

Yea I was surprised by how good the game looks when I watched the last trailer.

TooTall191589d ago

I am also going to try company of heroes 2

Allsystemgamer1589d ago

I'm buying it. They are great devs and this bankruptcy is a shame

BLAKHOODe1589d ago

I'm still waiting for WWE Wrestlefest.