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GR: We did not anticipate so many nominees for Game of the Year in 2012, but this just means that the quality of triple-A games have improved and become more consistently high. Of course, there were plenty of surprises along the way.

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dbjj120881978d ago

Thinking about the path this game took to market, I can't see a single other title more deserving of Most Surprising 2012.

ritsuka6661978d ago

Most Surprising Game 2012

Dear Esther for me..this game more like interactive art and a poetic, beautiful game. Dear Esther is one of the most unique games that has been released in recent years thanks to chinaseroom devs.

Venox20081978d ago

This and Binary Domain..

showtimefolks1978d ago

for me its binary domain, a lot of media outlets over looked the game but its great. sleeping fogs is also excellent game

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