Toys R Us Canada’s Boxing Week Flyer has LittleBigPlanet Karting for $20, Far Cry 3 for $40

With Boxing Day just 7 days away, the first Boxing Week flyers from Canadian retailers have begun making their way into the wild. First up is Toys R Us, who will be running all of their deals from December 26th until December 31st.

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TrendyGamers1978d ago

Far Cry 3 is a no brainer at that price.

MariaHelFutura1978d ago

Farcry 3 is a no brainer at full price.

dbjj120881978d ago

Maybe if they gave away LBP Karting someone would play it.... That game's in line of PS+ I think.

T3mpr1x1978d ago

Yeah, I can see it going the PS+ route as well.

8bitHero1978d ago

is a really good game, shame not many bought it.

8bitHero1978d ago

wow their LBPK beat our black friday price, nice! i wish they had far cry 3 for $40 here. then maybe id be able to buy it w/o feeling so guilty by spending money i should be saving

MariaHelFutura1978d ago

Everyone. Buy LBP Karting. It is just as fun as Mario Kart, people just bash it cause it`s NOT Mario Kart.

BLAKHOODe1978d ago

I got Far Cry 3 and Halo 4 for $25 each at Walmart lastnight. I took the Toys R Us ad this week to have them price match it, but the assistant manager must not have known what he was doing or is just very bad at math. He ended up charging me $25 each for the 2 games.

DarkBlood1978d ago

im confused here you ended up paying 25 dollars each or twice? or are you saying you got a better deal because the assistant manager didnt know what he was doing?

BLAKHOODe1978d ago

My Walmart sells Far Cry 3 for $60 and Halo 4 for $50. I took this week's Toys R Us ad in with the "Buy 2 select games, save $50" sale so they would price match it. The assistant manager wasn't sure how to ring it up at the cash register, so thinking it would add up right, he just charged me $25 for EACH game. So, I got both games for $50, when I should have paid $60. The assistant manager screwed his company out of $10.

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