Are Zombie Games Going Extinct?

Cheat Code Central's Josh Engen writes: "No one is more afraid of zombies than I am, but the more zombie-centric games, movies, and television shows that are released, the less afraid I become. Psychologists call it over-exposure, but I call it zombie boredom."

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Rupee2012d ago

Yeah the fact that the walking dead game is so popular obviously proves otherwise.

darthv722012d ago

wouldnt that be better served for dinosaur games?

NeXXXuS2012d ago

@darth - We need another Turok or Dino Crisis game.

amaguli2012d ago

Just like how gamers got tired of killing Nazis and aliens all the time, they are getting tired of killing zombies all the time.

Silly Mammo2012d ago

But if they are Nazi Zombies...count me in!

Godmars2902012d ago

Don't forget alien Nazi zombies!

Damn Alien Nazi Zombies - DONE TOOK OUR JOBS!

WeskerChildReborned2012d ago

Not really, we have Dayz(the game), State Of Decay, WarZ, Walking Dead Season 2, and Last Of Us(basically the infected are zombies) so pretty much we got a decent amount of Zombie Games, i'm just waiting for a Zombie Game to come out this gen where you can actually play as a Zombies kinda like Stubbs the Zombie(should have had a sequel).


you REALLY want to add WarZ in there? the game is shit on sticks

WeskerChildReborned2012d ago

Yea if you seen any of my comments on WarZ related news, i'm disapointed with the developer, even though the devs of WarZ have no respect with their consumers, the game still is a zombie game. hopefully not much people buy it to show them that they should appreciate their consumers more.

Dazel2012d ago

Its just a con job of a game, even got kicked off of Steam today.

Now DayZ is far better and thats still a mod. Zombie games dead, pfft!

Angrymorgan2012d ago

Farcry3 needs zombie mode :-)

Pushagree2012d ago

Let's hope so. That idea has been milked enough.

showtimefolks2012d ago

if done right zombie games have their place in gaming, but a lot of them just throw in zombies on screen and no story or purpose what so ever.

yakuza dead souls is a great zombie game wuth a single player story that makes sense and has some emotion to it.

walking dead is also an excellent game

than there are entries like dead rising which are quick cash ins and not more.

a real survivor zombie game, where you are not the strong super hero. It starts out normal than all goes to hell so you have to survive or your own or you could help others so they can join the fight. getting supplies from stores,going to gun stores to find ammo,going to find medical supplies in hospitals. everything is lost survive and figure a way out.

be selfish and survive on your own and killing others or help others and build a gated community away from zombies, but you have to go out and find supplies and other thinsg needed to survive.

hopefully last of us will fill my zombie need

Flipgeneral2012d ago

I remember Dead rising being one of the first next-gen games that received a lot of advertising. They made it to the zombie race much before most of the cash-ins today

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The story is too old to be commented.