Nintendo’s TVii A Replacement For The Remote The TVii service will debut in the U.S. and Canada on Thursday, the company said. That’s a delay from previous plans to have the service available when the game console went on sale in North America on Nov. 18. The TVii service launched in Japan on Dec. 8.

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bicfitness1819d ago

Except my remote doesn't have a 3-4 hour charge.

PopRocks3591819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Does it access Hulu, Netflix, Amazon on demand, your DVR and your cable box in a single hub? If so, I want that remote.


I guess you could plug it into the wall. Or do what I do and bring down the back light brightness a bit and turn on power-saving mode.

millzy1021819d ago

last time i checked tv remotes dont charge just thought ill add that.

OneAboveAll1819d ago

How am I going to watch 3 hours of Monday Night Raw on the gamepad when the battery doesn't last that long? *trollface*

chillhomie1819d ago

You could charge it while watching, its actually not difficult.

ZombieStalker1819d ago

Uh, plug it into a wall outlet!

donman11819d ago

You do realize this service is not just for the controller.

bigjclassic1818d ago

been watching raw on my gamepad since 11/19th edition of RAW via hulu+. Where have you been?

im also typing this from my gamepad :p

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wiiulee1819d ago

nintendo is doing everything right this generation....tvii is going to be great to go along with miiverse and all else...haters are just going crazy posting nonsense though..

donman11819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

For example, having live stats (not just for the game you are watching) during the football/basketball game real time on the gamepad is priceless. Plus for the haters... it also works while it is being charged.

GreenRanger1819d ago

@ donman1
Why does it say "UnverifiedMember" in your profile?

donman11819d ago


I have no idea. Will look into that later.. watching the Knicks finish handling the Nets and about to get some COD Black OPS 2 in on the Wii U.

PS4isKing_821819d ago

Wow the ac cord for the gamepad is plenty long enough to have plugged up and easily accessible from ur couch. I have mine within 3 feet of me while playing and it's easy. But I'm sure the Sony and Microsoft fanboys will be defending the ps4 and 720 "playpads" for having the same length of charge time. Cause we know they'll have their own version of the gamepad. Or something similar.

Nicolee1818d ago

i am wonder how to connect dvr or tivo to wiiu anyway ? i don't see any connection slot at the back of wiiu

ElectricKaibutsu1818d ago

It won't play through the Wii U. You'll still have to change inputs on the TV, but you'll be able to use the GamePad as a remote for your DVR.

Nicolee1818d ago

thx you, bubble up you .

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