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GR: The best developers are those that attentively and actively listen to its fans. Say what you will about BioWare, but they didn't have to make the Extended Cut or give it away for free. 343i Studios also listened, and delivered a new Halo entry that confirms their understanding of the franchise. Both ArenaNet and Arkane Studioes are nominated for different reasons, the former for its prowess in understanding group play in the MMORPG genre and Arkane Studios for creating an original title that alludes to Bioshock without ripping it off.

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Koolaye2013d ago

Nice, I should have known!

2012d ago
dbjj120882013d ago

They've done a lot to grow the relationship with fans. I'm not surprised.

Obnoxious_Informer2012d ago

With that much content, love, and easter egg hand jobs stuffed into Borderlands 2; they totally deserve it.

knifefight2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Wait what? Are you being serious?
If so, why was I not told of this earlier?

Hydralysk2012d ago

How is Bioware on there as a runner up? Regardless of whether you liked ME3 it still created a fanbase shitstorm the likes of which we had never seen, one so intense that they were actually forced to scrap together a free epilogue dlc to try and placate the fans.

I don't think the company whose only game this year caused that much outrage deserves to be considered for developer of the year...