EA Stealing X360's Thunder - Announces The Sims Festival, Its Own YouTube Of Games

What kind of video game would a Russian steelworker make? Or a policewoman? Or your mom?

Rod Humble, the head of The Sims game development at Electronic Arts wants that question answered and revealed a tool at the Game Developers Conference today that will allow that to happen: The Sims Carnival.

The endeavor is a free web-based portal for creating, sharing and playing free computer games. That sounds dry, but think of it as a YouTube of video games. And if that sounds quite a bit like the Xbox Live Community Games feature announced by Microsoft just yesterday (the "democratization of game development" is a popular idea at GDC this year). then recognize this key difference: creating games using The Sims Carnival requires zero programming skills.

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mintaro3920d ago

ehh, not so exctatic about "the sims"

Greysturm3920d ago

But a whole lot of people are bigger than the xbox 360 fanbase by sold numbers and thats not counting pirated copies. This was the point i tried to make across but bladestar kept crying that i shouldnt give an opinion since i dont own a 360 or being a programmer. Not everyone knows whatever programing language which will reduce the impact of XNA news yet of given the tools ala Halo3, LBP and now sims carnival the creativity of a much larger demographic will be exploited.

bootsielon3920d ago

Just like Little Big Planet, it's giving a friendly environment to EVERYONE, not just to those that know how to code. Microsoft's XNA won't take off, unlike Sims Festival and LBP.

Bnet3433920d ago

XNA already took off idiot LOL

Snukadaman3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

xna gives people a chance too demo and play the games that are halfway finished....different games in different genres...lbp and this sims carnival game are games should think before you comment...also that comment about xna wont take off like lbp and sims festival are hilarious...especially since xna is up and lbp and sims festival are still not implemented.

360_Rules3920d ago

XNA you create your own games not use already built ones.

ArmrdChaos3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

That is because these games that use the colorforms mentality of construction will resemble carnival games. Sure they may be fun at first and kill a little time but that is the extent of it. That is like making the argument that a finger painting by a 2 year old is still art and deserves to be hung next to the Mona Lisa. XNA could allow someone to actually make a living off of their some can already attest to.

The one thing I will give you credit for is keeping your reply in the proper tab (unlike others).

ngg123453920d ago

Flash games/Jave is already the youtube for games. It is foolish to think XNA, or Sims festival will ever compete with it. It is easier to use first of all, and you don't need 60 $'s to buy sims festival or a 400$ xbox 360 to play the games, and it is free.

DEIx15x83920d ago

Those pictures look like this is going to be worse than flash games. Closer to flash ads. Definitely not up to the level of Xbox Live or PSN.